October 08, 2005

Random thoughts—celebrate the first entry

The first week in EEE course is very busy,which makes me have no time to write something in my blog until now. I am not used to making diary,hopefully, I can go on making this blog. It's a place that good for me to sharing the thoughts,ideas and learning with my friends especially my classmates. So make comments on it whatever you have thoughts. I will be pleasure hearing from you.

Warwick university is a peachful place compare to London, the air is fresh, the people are nice, hope I can enjoy myself and get the degree at the one year period.

I think this week is a thoughtful week to me. Before this week, I have no idea about want I will learn in the EEE cuorse although I chose it, but now I found itís a promising subject. Enterprise excellence is the common ideal of every company and the total quality management is the basic requirement of an enterprise.

ABOUT THE ISO9000:2000

ISO9000 are popular in China in recent years, I found that many enterprises have gain the ISO9000 accreditation. My motherís company has also gain this accreditation in last year, but my mother told me that the ISO9000 makes her company have to employ many redundant engineer int order to meet the standard but it is nothing to help the business, further more, it is a waste of company resourse. I think is a commen problem in most Chinese company, they have not really understand the ISO9000 and not really trust the ISO9000, so they will not put more afford on apply it but just meet the standard on the surface then gain the accreditation.

I think apply the management theory is very difficult, if you do not really understand it, whatever the EFQM, Deming Mode or 6 sigma, MB model will also encounter this problem in enterprise such as ISO9000. Hope I can get some ideas of how to solve it in the following study.

It is too much thouths coming into my mind at one moment, may be I can write them down in future.

To the visitor of my blog: Beg your perdon for my awful expression :P Could you please help me to correct it? Do me a favour,please!

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  1. Paul Roberts

    Hi Reese,

    I read your blog with interest. It has a lot of ideas in it and many questions. This is good. Don't worry if your questions are not all answered soon. You have covereed a lot of material in the last week and I feel sure that as you continue to work with the concepts that we discuss, your ideas for application at home will become clearer.

    With regard to your note about passing the course and enjoying yourself, I think that it is most important to achieve both. Passing the degree without enjoying yourself is likely to mean lost opportunities to do things other than study, and this in turn is likely to mean that your study has not been as good as it could be. I support Stephen Covey's (7 habits of highly effective people) view that we should make time for spiritual, mental, social and physical renewal in order to maintain a balance that leads to effectiveness.

    I know that there is a lot of work to do, but do try to record what you have learnt each day. This is a good start.

    11 Oct 2005, 19:30

  2. Shepherd

    I was interested in the comment about the ISO9001:2000 Standard. I would be interested to know if the system was done in house or by a consultant. The point is you is write what you are doing and you do what you have written. The employees doing the jobs write the procedures as they do their work. There should be no need for extra people.

    30 Nov 2006, 06:30

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