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February 07, 2007

Things to do when your back's to the wall…

... in the literal sense. The other day someone asked me whether I’d given up writing blog posts, and I replied by complaining about being too busy working. Fortunately a re-arrangement of the office has meant that we’ve moved into the other end of the building, and my desk is now carefully positioned to leave me free to write random crap whilst pretending to work.

(Hmm, this built in spellchecker for Firefox is good, isn’t it? Now I don’t have to worry at all about my inability to spell…)

I have of course, little to write about at the moment, except to take a moment to praise the guy on the boat the other day who found my lost mobile phone, and took the trouble to call up the last numbers dialled, track me down, and give it back. Just goes to show that there are some nice people left in the world!


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