June 30, 2006

Surviving the End of the World?

Whilst hanging around waiting for a phone call I find myself strangely reluctant to do what I should be doing and practice some more online tests. Instead I turn to randomly surfing the internet, where I get bogged down in random stuff all too easily, alas.

Drawn via a review of a truely excellent post–apocalyptic novel (Earth Abides by George R. Stewart, in case you were wondering) I find a list of post-apocalyptic works on wikipedia .

Anyway, glancing through this list I notice quite a few books I've read or films I've seen, and I can't help but wonder just how long I'd survive if something sort of catastrophe did strike. For about five minutes, I suspect. Which leads me to say – why don't we learn about these sorts of things in school? How dare the government let us all through 11 years of compulsory education without learning the basics of how to re–build a working society from the detritus of a World War, a global pandemic, or any of the other VERY REAL scenarios presented through these works of fiction.

Would you know what to do if the rapture came? How would your business cope if a global pandemic struc? Do you know the potential effects of nuclear fallout? What about an ice age? See all the things they don't teach us in school?

Suppose you were one of the few survivors. Could you rebuild a working society? Could you re–establish a working agriculture before you starved to death? Would you know where to find essential metals and raw materials to construct even the most basic tools? Could you even build a basic shelter in the ruins of a metropolis to guard you from hoards of ravening mutants? Of course you couldn't!

This has gone far enough, this is what the government should replace "citizenship classes" with, let's have less of the touchy–feely stuff and a bit of practical advice for our children. Surviving the apocalypse 101. Sign up here.

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  1. ace

    ask your self but one question….
    where does the president and all of his peps go in the avent of a strike…
    what they dont tell you is these countrys we so carelessly go to war with… have at least a dozen bio wepons that could easily wipe out a country… they tell you its to main tain a working government but theres only one rule… the one with the most money will survive the a nitial atack…
    btu what there unawere of is the tough will servive… the ones who are ready to fight on “ower” streets will make a true government… and when all is done people will sort out the weak and corupt as it should be.. true evolution we will once again be in power of what effects our lives… if indeed you would like to know more my email adress is false… my name… unknown to all but spoken by every one… if you can decript this messege the means in witch you need to contact me is in this incription…


    02 Sep 2006, 08:44

  2. Raven

    Personally, if i survived the initial disaster, i would say, with the knowledge and training i have, that i would have a medium chance of surviving. As long as i had a few basic items with me…you know to help me along, along with a few friends and knowledge…are the best things to help one survive. But personally, after a world wide disaster, nobody is going to rebuild for hundreds of years and the world will go back to a middle age society with small ruling lands between the vast wastelands…

    04 Jan 2007, 22:56

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