March 10, 2007

Spring Tanka

More short stuff, an english ‘tanka’ this time.

Tanka O Kiru

Snowflakes are alright
to look at. Just so long as
you’re only looking.
But then count yourself lucky
if you find any in March.

The title is a transliterated pun; literally ‘clearing the tanka’, originally the phrase described the act of pushing the guard of a sword up in its scabbard so that the blade might then be drawn in a single, swift motion – obviously an extremely confrontational gesture akin to cocking a gun. According to Wikipedia, in which I trust absolutely, “This expression has become widely used in Japan in the sense of ‘getting ready to begin something’ or ‘getting ready to speak’, usually with an aggressive connotation”.

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  1. You do flex your poetic muscles in all sorts of directions, Mr Brookes. I can’t help but see you as some sort of template for immaculate living.

    30 Mar 2007, 20:51

  2. Nicely done Sir, keep posting the poetry :).

    04 Apr 2007, 02:02

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