August 06, 2006

Enjoy it while it lasts

I never thought we would ever see this sight.

Jenson deserved the victory today, everything fell into place for him and he simply drove the best race. By and large he kept his nose clean, ran an excellent strategy, and managed to stay calm when the win was still within touching distance. He wouldn't have been the first racing driver to throw it into the wall, when their first race victory is within touching distance.

I'll be interested to see if this does have a noticable effect on him, and the team, in the next few races, as the media seems to think it will. Somehow I don't think the 'Mika Hakkinen phenomenon' will repeat itself for Jense, and I hope he doesn't come back down to earth with too much of a bang in Turkey. Surely a return to mediocrity is inevitable though…

Oh yeah, and was I the only one who almost collapsed with disgust at the sickening commentary from Allen and Davidson when Jense crossed the line :–D!?

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  1. Great race, everything happened. So much changed. Zeros to Heroes. Heroes to Zeros.

    Poor Kimi
    Poor Alonso
    Poor Schuey
    all of them were driving well. I think even with them in the picture Jenson would have had it.

    James Allen sounded like he was having a heart attack. Cringe. Davidson sympathetically supported his Jenson rave.

    06 Aug 2006, 23:50

  2. It was a bit awesome, it was nice to have a new winner for the first time in far too long. Though the commentary showed that even if Button has justified carrying the mantle of a British hero we clearly need a better commentator. Bring back Murray Walker! I think Anthony Davidson can be forgiven for not delivering great commentary, he did have some useful insights at least.

    07 Aug 2006, 11:02

  3. Fantastic race. Jenson won't win in the dry this year, of course, but the win is a big psychological help.

    I think Davidson has been taking elocution lessons from Mark Blundell…

    07 Aug 2006, 13:21

  4. I really enjoyed that race, can't remember seeing a better race for many a year, perhaps even since Damon Hill almost winning the race a few years back in an Arrows only to be pipped by Villeneuve a couple of laps from the end.

    Kimi was a little unlucky with his incident, especially, if as he says, he was trying to let DLR through at the same time he was being let through himself.

    Alonso was unlucky too, not entirely convinced by the "drive shaft" explanation, as the rear wheel certainly did get rather loose, and something wheel–nutty certainly did roll off the car, perhaps they were covering for an individual's error?

    Schumacher though proved to me that he really isn't as good a driver as everyone him out to be. Firstly his blocking of Alonso as he came up to lap him was bad sportsmanship, although I expected nothing less from him. Then, cutting the chicane to stay ahead of DLR, making out you were gonna let him through, then cut across and try and run him off the road… dispicable. Then, finally, he got what he deserved when Heidfeld made the same move a lap later, tried to turn in on him, and with it only succeeding in losing himself 5 world championship points, how stupid.

    Button did (as JJ said) run a very clean (and quick) race, as proved by getting 3rd (?) fastest lap of the race, and Honda did indeed choose a perfect strategy. When it was time for pitstop #2, it hadn't crossed my mind to do another short stint on existing tires, to give the track just enough time to dry up for 'slick' tires, genius. I think even with Alonso in the race, Button had the pace to win. Alonso knew he couldn't afford to put himself out of the race trying to keep Button behind him, so I don't think making the pass would have been too much of a problem.

    Three week gap now to Turkey and we shall see whether the Honda really has the pace in the last third of the season to claim a few more podiums. All Button needs to do is consistantly finish 3rd and he can be guaranteed a win at the last race of the season… why? Well, I have a feeling Schumie is gonna have a small points advantage, and somehow might end up "tangling" with Alonso at some point in the final race. Of course, it'll be an accident and any so–called "proof" to the contrary such as irrefutable in–car video and telemetry will be deemed inconclusive by Ferrari, and the FIA

    07 Aug 2006, 13:49

  5. No wonder he won when Mike Benson and Prince William came 2nd and 3rd…

    07 Aug 2006, 17:03

  6. Yep, I agree with the above. Except with SiY, saying that Davidson has been learnin ahw ta tork orf Blunders is a bit harsh :–p.

    Seems that Jense is on a bit of a winning streak as well…found this link courtesy of Jalopnik …I have a new found respect for the lad!

    07 Aug 2006, 18:13

  7. For those unfortunate souls like myself who missed out on the race coverage on ITV, could anyone supply a few quotes from the notable commentary as Jensen won? Having read the above it sounds like a "don't miss it" thing, except that I missed it…

    10 Aug 2006, 10:58

  8. James Hughes

    Superb result, just a pity it's unlikely to be repeated with Honda not producing a good enough car. I genuinely believe Jenson would have caught Alonso even if the Spaniard hadn't crashed out. Whether he would have passed him or not is another matter, but is now only a moot point anyway.

    I can't agree with "poor Schuey", I simply don't feel in the slightest bit sorry for him as he tried to block every time someone passed him when he clearly had a much slower car; the way he blocked being the problem, always last minute and reckless. This from a man who engaged in a rather dodgy spot of parking at Monte Carlo, rammed our Damon off to win the title and tried to ram Villeneuve off a few years after. What goes around comes around. He's nothing when compared to Ayrton Senna, quite possibly greatest F1 driver ever.

    As for Allen's commentary, it can't get any worse I guess. He tries too hard IMHO to be Murray Walker with his constant shouting at the starts getting on my nerves inparticular. Nobody can replace Murray, a commentating legend (and the word is used appropriately here I reckon, which doesn't happen too often these days). I did however like Allen's "get in" comment, as it summed up my thoughts at the time perfectly. Had I not been so shocked I might well have shouted it myself! I also liked Anthony Davidson's "what have you done Martin Brundle, how could you miss this?!" quirk as well. :–)

    Anyway, that's two decent races out of 2 now, lets hope it continues. And Jenson's winning streak of course. ;–D

    10 Aug 2006, 21:21

  9. Jane

    Made my day to see Jenson win.

    10 Aug 2006, 21:25

  10. Fiona

    It was awasome seeing Jenson Button crossing that line to win his first ever grand prix in Hungary. I was in tears when he crossed that line and I went mad. I still can't get over it even now and I have been happy since.

    19 Aug 2006, 21:45

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