May 03, 2006

Don't You Love It When…evo Makes Your Day

Whilst I was waiting for the people in front of me in the Tescos queue to finish fiddling around with their wallets, the cashier lady randomly picked up the copy of evo that I had put on the conveyor belt, and had a look at the cover. This edition is adorned with a photo of the Porsche 997 GT3.

"Is that the new Porsche?", she said. Usually this is a cue for some tedious small talk about cars, but much to my suprise, this was not the case. She told me that she thought the old Porkers were much better looking, and that she'd prefer an XK…can of worms opened, we continued chatting whilst I packed up my stuff. Very agreeable.

However, when she ran evo through the barcode scanner, it didn't register. It didn't register when she manually typed in the barcode either. So she called over one of her supervisors, who also couldn't make it register either. They also couldn't find the price on the front cover.

evo - the ultimate automotive journal

"Do you buy this often?" she asked. "How much is it normally?". I have no idea, so I guessed. £3.90. She decided to put the price in manually. "Ok, we'll put it through for a couple of quid". A couple in this case was 2. 2 for a copy of evo!!! It wasn't until the transaction was going through that we noticed that the price was actually written underneath the barcode in tiny writing…£4. I was extremely pleased…and I've still not even read any of it.

The moral of the story is, go down to Tescos now, buy evo, hope that the barcode machine still doesn't recognise it, and drive for a bargain ;)

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  1. Lee Davis

    If they are doing their job properly it would have been added to the system within 5 minutes, at least in that store, probably take overnight to get round the country.
    Having said that if they did their jobs properly they would have spotted it when it was put out on the shelves, also virtually all magazines have the price with the barcode so you obviously didn't have the brightest of till operators.

    03 May 2006, 16:05

  2. Most interesting of all is the Freestream T1 I see in the top right… Not being an Evo reader, what do they make of it?

    03 May 2006, 17:55

  3. Stop buying porn and revise!

    03 May 2006, 18:34

  4. Lee: Touche!

    Siggy: What?! You don't read evo!? How will I ever be able to look you in the eye again ;–). evo of course like the Caparo T1, however they did say it will be seen 'in action for the first time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July.' Hoorah!

    Nathaniel: Only if you get back inside, out of the healthy sunlight and to where all the musty, knowledge–giving books are :P

    03 May 2006, 20:58

  5. Steve

    You've pulled JJ :)

    05 May 2006, 14:44

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