March 30, 2006

Am I going insane?

I turned down the opportunity to go to Silverstone today.

Today, a mate of mine, one of the most skilled drivers that I know, is giving passenger rides round the circuit, in his car.

He has an Ariel Atom 300.

Instead, I'm spending the day teaching myself topology and group theory.

If I don't get a First, it won't be through lack of dedication.

Call the doctor.

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  1. Good boy!
    You forgot to mention that if you had gone. Me, Sig, Maddan and Co. would have all beaten you up.

    Keep up the hard work!

    P.S. Webber 4th this sunday, Montoya win… (lets see how wrong I am)

    30 Mar 2006, 16:01

  2. I wouldn't have beaten him up Nathaniel – I went!

    Got about an hour's worth of passenger rides in total, from first to last runs of the day. Andy only had 2 other people turn up to see him. There was also a turbocharged one there which currently has about 330BHP (but will eventually be 450 when the boost controller and teething troubles are sorted), had a quick blast around in that one too. The guy wasn't quite as skilled as Andy (he span it twice, once out of Woodcote at about 100 and once out of Luffield. The turbo lag then punch made it a little tricky at the limit) but nevertheless was still fun.

    T'was a good day :-D

    30 Mar 2006, 18:36

  3. Oh, so the turbocharged Atom was giving rides too!? That's ok then…really makes my day at home all the more worthwhile :-p

    30 Mar 2006, 18:59

  4. I bet Andy was several seconds quicker than the turbo car. He was quicker in his old K-series Mk 1 Atom than most people in their Honda Mk 2s when he took it… somewhere, Bedford I think.

    JJ: good dedication mate. I'm impressed – although I fear you've missed the point of being a student.

    30 Mar 2006, 21:48

  5. Well the turbocharged atom wasn't "giving rides" but I was offered one anyway, would have been foolish to pass him up on it!

    SiY – Andy was indeed still quicker. I think the cars are roughly similar – the turbo probably has the measure of the supercharged on the straights, but equally the supercharged has the ability to lay more power down on the exit of a corner. I'd say the turbo is trickier to drive by the looks of it, but yes pretty much any time difference would be due to Andy's driving!

    30 Mar 2006, 23:06

  6. Reckon the turbo is therefore overkill for trackday use? A bit OTT? I guess it depends on what you're used to.

    "JJ: good dedication mate. I'm impressed although I fear you've missed the point of being a student."

    What? You mean getting a degree isn't the point!?


    31 Mar 2006, 00:35

  7. I don't know about ott necessarily; it just isn't driveable enough in the corners compared to the supercharged version. And both the supercharged and turbocharged ones are a bit ott for the type of trackday that was going on yesterday – they were massively quicker than pretty much everything on the track; and the standard of driving in the Imprezas/Bmw's/Capri was pretty dreadful, with drivers being very poor to move out of the way for fast stuff throughout the day. I think track days need to be more structured, with fast stuff segmented from the more tame stuff, as we were getting exceptionally frustrated by being held up every single lap!

    31 Mar 2006, 08:38

  8. Dude 2 Atoms sounds fun. On our day, the Atom had to contend with touring cars and Lamborghini's. I guess with all the speed limit stuff on the road now, blackboxes, GPS tracking, SPECS that span the whole motorway network, I'll be seeing you guys every weekend at Silverstone in future (it sure beats golf!)

    31 Mar 2006, 22:24

  9. Sounds like a good lifestyle to me :-D

    01 Apr 2006, 01:32

  10. We can compare notes on tyre data and telemetry lol.

    01 Apr 2006, 19:49

  11. Sounds like a good way to grow old to me ;-)

    01 Apr 2006, 23:28

  12. Hear, hear!

    02 Apr 2006, 10:22

  13. We'll have a spare set of slick boots for our cars and personalised HANS devices.

    02 Apr 2006, 16:49

  14. Those personalised HANS devices rock! We should buy that house just over the road from Luffield and turn it into a retirement home :-p

    02 Apr 2006, 17:24

  15. Wow and do they "veterans run"

    22 electric wheel chairs lined up on the grid: made with carbon fibre, and fitted with cross-ply tyres for the ultimate 4-wheel drifting

    03 Apr 2006, 00:16

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