November 02, 2008


Book front cover
My Truth
4 out of 5 stars

My Truth, an autobiography of one of the most charismatic leaders in history, one, who stands synonymous to the second phase of the Congress party dominance over the Indian Electorate – Mrs.Indira Gandhi

Her life amazes the reader at every stage, be it when she burnt her beloved foreign-made goodies during the “Swadeshi” movement, in her early childhood, or learning volumes from her father’s letters, or standing strong and erect through various political swings.

The reader is inspired, by the way she fought crisis & failures, dealt with humiliation, personal losses and downfalls in general elections…and within no time, emerged loud and clear, marched to conquer new goals, create history, with redoubled vigor and determination.

Her ability to stand up to every challenge, and accepting every change, understanding every problem, and still, acing in every test the destiny put forward.

It tells you that heroes are those who stand alone and become torch bearers to the society, and lead the society towards the future. Heroes are those who dream and store the glimpse of future in their strong hearts and determined and committed minds!!

Only those who have stood alone against the tide, only those who have challenged the outdated beliefs, who have questioned accepted norms…have succeeded in allowing fresh breeze to enter…have opened the closed doors!

Heroes are those, who walk alone along the path to the future, who stand lonesome and unguarded against the contemporaries…leave behind footprints of new thoughts and sense, on the sand of time for the world to follow!


Not rated

Pampered little Sarah was sent to a residential school, by her father posted in India, who meant the world to her. She lived a posh, and rich life of the best and prettiest student. Times changed, with the sudden death of her father, taking away all the fineries, colours, and respect from her life…. even her friends! Papa’s Little Princess was penniless and was reduced to a maidservant’s job, and a filthy attic as her dwelling. 

Pain, ridicule, hunger and loneliness, beyond what such a young heart can endure, Sarah lived life of a Princess…. made her belief stronger…. offering her food to hungry babies, taking in insults quietly, sharing whatever little she had and not taking charity. She, amidst of hunger, hatred and humiliation, did all her Princess duties, in her own little way!

Her belief in being a Princess was not in her lovely dresses, and beautiful dolls, but in her heart and soul, which made her stronger, better and nicer through times of emotional, mental and physical trauma.

The simply put story makes you believe in yourself, realize the self-worth, and stand erect even in the worst of the times.

Believe in what you are, because it’s you and only you who define yourself and not any material or exterior conditions.

October 31, 2008

Optimizing Life….

Life changes…or just the circumstances….in other words, constraints! Does it ring the bell?? Well, we live amongst the fundamentals of Lagrange’s optimization. One constraint changes, and the quality of the desired “z” alters! The graph of joys, satisfaction depends on its original dimentions. Shock walks in quietly when one realises that outlooks change…behavior change….opinion change….thoughts change almost as gradually as time! 

What remains constant is the multiplier….

…..its presence shows the effect of the value of our function, life! It is the measure of the influence of those raging constraints on the simple formidable objective function… changes….remaining unchanged. It alters…remaining untouched….

This constant scalar, in our Langragean story is the traveller, that dresses and redresses itself to appear different every time, being the standard of stable change….

Let not the “λ” in you never alter. Change…recreate….discover…color….furnish….blossom….but let the Lagranges multiplier…the constant remain nascent… optimise your ’objective function’ under the given constraints! 

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