March 06, 2006

After Production Cost

Dear Eleanor O'Donnell, Lee Davis and Chris Doidge,

Many thanks for your sincere comments.

I got 4 children, 10, 8, 6 and 4 years. Now probably the productions have to stop due to a very high overhead and after production cost.

Parallel to manufacturing situation in Midlands, Overhead cost alway significant to the end user price. As a result, manufacturer prefer to move to China, India and Far East Country.

How about study in UK?

Some of the advices given to me are to have a year break from PhD or find a good job rather than alway scratching head.

March 04, 2006

Expenditure and Its Return

How much did I spend last year as an international student at the University of Warwick?

I registered to pursue PhD on 6th January 2005,

Tuition Fee £12 000.00
Sport Centre £32.00
Car Park (£1.60/day X 240 day) £384.00

House rent £5040.00
Broadband £215.88
Electric/Gas £840.00
Water £150.00
Car insurance £600.00
Road Tax £160.00
MOT £42.00
Petrol £480.00
Car maintenance (Mainly no labour charge, Im Mechanic) £200.00
Groceries £4200.00

Then, what I got?

Study room in a box size 2 X 2 X 2 m. This room located at the basement of School of Engineering. There is no window and no ventilation system. For the future student, a piece of advice from me, better to buy a pair of ear-plug because this room is a bit noisy.

Used to, 4 students occupied this room but recently 2 local students got a better room. Maniq and I still been punished in this room, the reason is probably because of tuition fees earned from the international student is not enough to provide proper facilities in campus. As a result, Maniq has spent most of his time in the library but I continue breathing with less than 21% O2 in this room.

Academic, etc. I will write again later on

September 26, 2005

Car Park

Warwick University, one of the top university in the UK doesn't have enough space for parking car.

What are the solutions?

a. Stop student from studying here.
b. Build a new massive car park
c. Public transport
d. I have no idea

August 03, 2005


1. What is the effective engine power loss required to cool the block?
2. Can the performance be modelled and studied using replica transparent engine?
3. What is the effect of interior coolant passage roughness on the heat transfer ability of the engine?
4. Are there specific areas in the block which would benefit from specific heat transfer surface treatment?

June 28, 2005

Formula School

"There are many initiatives promoting engineering and science at the Secondary School level but very few exist in Primary Schools where children are most receptive to new concepts and ideas"
Quoted from Imagineering Clubs brouchers

Last Thursday, I have had an opportunity to work together with children within Midlands area in promoting them to be a future engineer.

May 18, 2005

Stereotype Thinking

Cited from Colin Turner "If someone has more of something, then we have less. When a competitor enjoys success we feel cheated or that we have lost an opportunity – and certainly that there is now less. When an associate, friend, or even family member does well and receives an accolade, we may be delighted on the outside but secretly we are wishing it could have been us. This social paradigm causes us to see situations in win or lose, oe, at best, compromise terms. Our thinking is scripted into 'either/or', never 'and'; or, put simply, 'win/win'. We think this is too unrealistic even to be considered".

March 23, 2005

De Tour Asia

My dear friends,

I hope that I will update my blog as soon as I can access to the internet.
At the moment, I have one month job at the new technical university in South East Asia. I do try to give some help in setting-up new Automotive Research Centre.

March 07, 2005

Marah Nanti Kena Jual

Sebab apa tak boleh marah?

Kalau marah nanti kena jual

Ini pelik

Ini undang-undang

Undang-undang apa?

Undang-undang Ismit Ulam Jantung Segaraga

March 05, 2005

Malaysia Negaraku Tanah Tumpah Darahku

Setelah lebih 24 jam meninggalkan Coventry, maka sampailah saya sekeluarga di bumi tercinta, Malaysia.

Malaysia pesat membangun. Jalanraya kampungpun dah jadi empat lorong. Lesen yang digunakan di UK tak laku di sini. Sini pakai lesen special.

Dan sempat juga dinasihat agar berkata baik-baik dengan boss. Kalau ada perkara betul yang nak disampaipun, senyap sajalah. Pendamkan perasaan sebagai pekasam adalah lebih baik.

February 06, 2005

Second Day

Toole and Lee

Many thanks for your help in introducing me to the Blog and E-Portfolio.

Since year 2000, I have already written 4 log-books. This is a part of my engineering life. Scratch anything what I have found in my daily life, whether it is a few sketches, data, hand-calculation of details design or minutes of meeting.

Smartphone is something else but more on personal matter. It is alternative way to remind me for the next appoitment electronically.

Now, the blog come to my life. It'll make my life busier. Tighting me to the new task, organising and recording something. However, I believe this is the way to improve my English.

When I came into this country 6 years ago, I only know three words-YES, NO and ALRIGHT. Today, there are some improvement but still at the level of primary school English. Even my daugther can speak better than me.

I hope through writing on blog, I can practise to use the written English properly.

Humbly request to the reader, let me know if you find some mistakes in my written. Please write it on the form by clicking comment button.

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