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March 04, 2006

Expenditure and Its Return

How much did I spend last year as an international student at the University of Warwick?

I registered to pursue PhD on 6th January 2005,

Tuition Fee £12 000.00
Sport Centre £32.00
Car Park (£1.60/day X 240 day) £384.00

House rent £5040.00
Broadband £215.88
Electric/Gas £840.00
Water £150.00
Car insurance £600.00
Road Tax £160.00
MOT £42.00
Petrol £480.00
Car maintenance (Mainly no labour charge, Im Mechanic) £200.00
Groceries £4200.00

Then, what I got?

Study room in a box size 2 X 2 X 2 m. This room located at the basement of School of Engineering. There is no window and no ventilation system. For the future student, a piece of advice from me, better to buy a pair of ear-plug because this room is a bit noisy.

Used to, 4 students occupied this room but recently 2 local students got a better room. Maniq and I still been punished in this room, the reason is probably because of tuition fees earned from the international student is not enough to provide proper facilities in campus. As a result, Maniq has spent most of his time in the library but I continue breathing with less than 21% O2 in this room.

Academic, etc. I will write again later on

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