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January 27, 2010

Creative Reuse of Fairy Stories

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The Princess and the Frog
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For quite a long time, I am expecting two movies: one is Disney's newly released movie, The Princess and the Frog; the other, Alice in the Wonderland. I saw the first one a few days ago and kept telling everyone how fantastic it was and how creatively the film makers were.

I inform people of the movie like this: according to the fairy story, when the princess kisses the frog, the frog turns into a handsome prince. But the story now is different: when the princess kisses the frog, the princess turns into a frog. Do you know why? Because the one the frog kisses is not a princess. Do you want to know what will happen to them? See the movie quickly. However, I still remember Doris, one of my friends responded in a surprising way. She said: "Oh, it's like that the witch gives a poisonous apple to Snow White. Opposite to what we have expected, the witch, instead of Snow White who eats the apple, falls down."

It seems that everything is in a playful and ironic way.

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