November 24, 2008


Last week was so intensive. I was so tired.

It was a OPP week. The fish video at the beginning of this model was very interesting and meaningful. Those men at fish shop looked so happy though their jobs seemingly did not that nice or comfortable. Their work were smelly, dirty, and had to start very early every morning. However, they approached their jobs like a game, made their works more complex than they were and enjoyed them so much. The video told us that work can be tough and dull but people can still enjoy it and make it a great part of their life. This depends on a choice made by yourself. You can choose to stay within the boundaries of the reality and become unhappy or you can try to pass these boundaries and become happy.

In the meantime, it reminded us that the managers should provide a good environment in which people could be their best. Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric, has described one of this objectives was to create "a place where people have the freedom to be creative, a place that brings out the best in everybody. An open, fair place where people have a sense that what they do matters, and where that sense of accomplishment is rewarded in the pocketbook and the soul".

One of our fish exercises was to discuss the main factors that influence people's attitude towards their work. Salaries and benefits is one of the most important factors. Indeed, most people are working for money. However, please do not forget to take your interest into account when you looking for a job. Achievements in the work are also very important. However, please do not forget to spend some time with your family. When you are earning your living, please do not forget to enjoy your life. As I still remember what Paul has said in one CBE class: life is not a rehearsal.

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  1. thanks jingjing… you are right about matching our personality with work type… money shouldnt be the only consideration. I like it that you remember what Paul said…. life is not a rehearsal indeed

    24 Nov 2008, 01:21

  2. Sue

    I understand what you say but I don’ think we know whether life is a rehearsal or not.

    24 Nov 2008, 06:57

  3. fishing tackle

    every day is a gift

    08 Jan 2009, 14:46

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