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November 26, 2008

Deming's 14 Principles

W Edwards Deming is the first person that I heard from the first day of my CBE module, which is the first module of my MBE course. He was an American statistician who invented the Total Quality Management. During the survey of my PMA for CBE, I, of course, couldn't avoid to read many articles about him. His famous 14 principles were set out in his book "Out of the crisis" in 1982. People said that those 14 points has changed the history of Japan and the world.

Here are the 14 principles:

1.    Creat constancy of purpose.

2.    Adopt new philosophy of quality.

3.    Cease dependence on final inspection.

4.    Consider total cost, not just initial price.

5.    Find problems, improve constantly.

6.    Institute on-the-job training.

7.    Institute leadership across the organisation.

8.    Drive out fear.  (so natural, so important!)

9.    Break down communication barriers between units.

10.  Eliminate slogans, targets, exhortations for workers.

11.  Eliminate numerical goals.

12.  Encourage pride of workmanship.

13.  Encourage education & self-improvement.

14.  Take actions needed to make transformations.

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