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October 18, 2015

Financial measurement. Needed or not?

If financial performance is deemed to be backward-looking focus and does not reflect other long-term planned activities, why do we still need a quarterly or annually balancesheet or income statment to reflect such inadequate behavior? If exhaustive process-oriented actions are correctly taken and continuous improvements are successfully implemented, the financial success should just be a logical consequences and unsurprising, then why are we still using it?

It was the question I kept asking myself during my readings and I have got the answer. Just testing your thoughts~~~

October 17, 2015

Create engaged students!

I kept thinking about the reasons for the dramatic change in my life. I have been talked about time management hundreds of time, have seen the Importance/Urgency diagram dozens of time and have fully understood the significance of managing my time to achieve excellence..yes trust me but it just didn't work on me somehow. I was still the old me with procrastination and always rushed for deadlines. Until two days ago, a two hours class changed my way of thinking and my behavior. I still cannot make the statement that it changed my life, but I am trying to make it a habit and i am totally convienced that it will.

How amazing it is! Except for being infected by the personality charm of our tutor, the engagement that has been created throughout the class is vital. He creates the atomosphere that stimulates me to open my mouth asking questions or sharing ideas with my incoherent english without feeling shame. Not only me, it happens on every students. I have never seen everyone of students being so engaged in classes throughout my academic life. Everyday before sleeping time, I will recall the classes and write down my thoughts, maybe this is the so-called reflective thinking and it feels good and satisfied. I still have not figured out how he did it, but i think the ability to create engaged students is a significant component for a teacher, as the same for a leader.

Cannot help to say that after hours of reading and study, writing an entry is just relaxing.

October 14, 2015

What? Leaders are like farmers?

Leaders are like farmers? Seriously!

Farmers can never make the seeds geminate, but what they can do is to provide the right kind of soil, with the right combination of clay, the right temperature and the right amount of water and even sunshine etc. They plant the seeds, monitor the process and it almost guaranteed the seeds will grow and harvest as expected.

For leaders, it is almost the same logic. Leaders do not teach or motivate their followers or employees. They care for the physchological needs, for example, their feelings of autonomy, competence and relatedness, help them with right thinking process and create the approporiate environment for them to be self-motivated. That is the way to create engaged employees and in return almost without any doubts, they will create value back to the organization.

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