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October 29, 2015

Collaboration or Competition?

Not sure about other master student, but for me, pursuing a master degree definately means to be more competitive in work place no matter with regards to knowledge base or qualification. Or why am I spending loads of money and one year time to put myself trhough the learning process or pursuing process when I would earn 40k pounds in the year rather than paying 40k pounds here and spending savings meant for my dream car Mercedes-benz GLC300? ? The opportunity cost is pretty high. So I supposed it was reasonable to believe I would be equipped with the "weapon" that can "shoot" others down with me standing and winning the battle after walking out here with enough knowledge and a recognized qualification.

After only three weeks until now, my mind was completely changed and I even feel shame about the way I thought before. Rather than being here to gain competitive advantage, I have a bigger mission now: To change to world (hearing someone calling me Ms.Crazy). Money is no longer the issue as long as I am given an opportunity to influence people, even in a tiny scale. By studying on Deming's thoery and EFQM Model, I am deeply persuaded that creating a collabrative business enviroment without competition and target-based reward system is of great importance and the word "competitive" just should not exist. Understanding it is an ultimate challenge to introduce this change because the management theory that worforce should be forced to compete for promotions and bonus and this is the appropriate environment producing hard-working employees has been existed for so long and so inherently existed in most organizations, there are many studies proving result-oriented evaluation model has obvious drawbacks and creates negative and defensive climate. The only item needs to be changed is to set up a reward system encouraging cooperation which is not that hard to achieve once the mindset of management level changes. Once the reward is truly tied to team productivity, the evaluation of individual efforts takes care of itself as team members themselves become the evaluator(William Roth, 2014).

Mini–project learning process

It was totally astonishing to experience that three group of us can have such different intepretation towards the exactly same question. For the project of "Measurement of Resulte", we are covering totally different areas in which we all thought was more or less answering the questions. Then, I realized if all the three presentations were combined into one piece of work, It would be much more comprehensive or I can even call it "masterpiece" than individual existance. The learning process spoke to me how different human minds are and how vital collaborate thinking is.

The exchange of ideas within our groups and class definately promotes critical thinking and helps me to achieve long term memories. For being in cooperative teams for longer time, I believe we can achieve higher levels of thought together and the shared experience will be embodied in ourselves throughout the life long learning journey. Great way to learn and improve!

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