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August 05, 2008

Lloyds TSB and feeling meaningless as a customer..

Over the last few years as my earnings have steadily increased and my ability to not completely fritter my money has improved, the bank have taken increasing amounts of interest in me.

A few years ago I was invited into my local branch to discuss 'how they could save me money' - so I dutifully arranged to come and see them over one lunch break, and they proceeded to try and sell me various insurance policies. Not quite sure how that saves me money - I told the chap as such and left feeling pretty annoyed.

Recently I had to go into a branch to pay in some money and as my account was loaded up on the cashiers screen a lady appeared by the side of her asking if she'd be able to chat to me about upgrading my account, because i'm a good customer, etc etc - so I decided that i'd consider it, being able to pay for my AA cover through that and get some useful bonuses i'd previously neglected like mobile phone insurance. I arranged to meet her and after having my appointment rescheduled once, she was late coming to the second appointment. Good start.

I signed up for a Gold account which offered various services, and was told i'd be sent a new bank card within a week. Over two weeks roll by, no sign of a new card. I've just phoned up their Gold Account Member Services, and if Lloyds consider it Gold service, then I dread to think what their crappest level of service is supposed to be. On the first two attempts to get past the automated phone line, I kept getting returned to the main menu when I asked for a customer services rep. I gave up and tried again later and got through - after being told that they were very busy and that it might take some time to put me through. Out of interest, which big company DOESN'T say this every time you phone their call centres? Perhaps if you stopped CLOSING THEM ALL and running them with a handful of overworked staff, they wouldn't always be busy would they!! [/soapbox]

The lady told me that my branch had NOT requested a new card for me (WTF?) but that she couldn't order me one for some reason so transferred me to card services - I started to speak to them, gave my details and mid sentence got CUT OFF.

I'm now sitting here, quietly simmering whilst I eat my dinner - I can't decide whether it is even WORTH phoning them back again! :|

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