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February 25, 2009

The power of veto?

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This story caught my interest yesterday, even though it received only a passing mention in the media. I'm not generally one for political commentary as, frankly, I don't understand a great deal about it. But it just interests me how the government can essentially censor documents which would (and I quote) do "serious damage" to Cabinet government.

I don't understand how, when the government supposedly works for us and subsequently *everything* they do should be in the best interests of this country, there can be discussions like this which are anything other than above board. I understand the need for secrecy and confidentiality of course, but this makes absolutely no reference to that and simply states that the contents of the minutes would be damaging to the Cabinet.

If they're damaging, they should be released! How are they allowed to veto this? Most disappointingly the conservatives were behind blocking the release of minutes, but at least Sir Menzies Campbell had something appropriate to say on the matter which mirrored my own views on it:

"This is a Government which, when introducing measures to limit personal freedom, says that those that have nothing to hide should have nothing to fear. If the process of reaching the decision to embark upon an illegal war against Iraq is still supported by the Government, why haven't they the courage to let us see the minutes of the Cabinet?"


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