September 02, 2008

Google Chrome beta released!

Writing about web page

I overheard the eLab guys chatting about this earlier today but didn't expect a beta to follow so swiftly after the (unintentionally early) release of the comic press release. There is a Windows version available now with a Macintosh version to follow a little later on down the line.

First impressions are hugely positive. Memory footprint seems modest compared to Firefox (despite all the optimisations in FF3), and the rendering engine seems very very fast on most sites. The UI is predictably uncluttered but surprisingly pretty, especially on Windows Vista where it makes full use of the Aero 'glass' effects. 

So far I love it and will probably be using it a hell of a lot more...

(screenshot of the browser in action included for those who are too lazy to download it) :)

Chrome Browser..

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  1. Matthew Jones

    I would agree. So far the only problem I can see is that View Source opens as a new tab instead of a new window. I’d normally want my source in a different window to the actual page, but it’s hardly that big of a deal. And given that the only thing so far, I approve!

    I’ve never liked WebKit’s web inspector; maybe I’m just spoilt by Firebug. It is kinda weird to not have a status bar, but I guess you’d get used to it. It is scarily quick though, even on memory-and-cpu-hungry stuff like this

    02 Sep 2008, 21:32

  2. Steven Carpenter

    I really like it so far – the UI is clean and elegant, but I’m wondering how long it will be before I start missing all my Firefox plugins and widgets. The ‘omnibar’ is a nice extension of what FF3 does (fast too), and I love the way it does download management.

    02 Sep 2008, 22:35

  3. Mathew Mannion

    So far, I’m a fan – TinyMCE (the Rich Text Editor in Blogs and Sitebuilder) has had problems with Safari in the past so I assumed it would have issues with Webkit-based Chrome, but it seems absolutely fine. I’m also pretty pleased with expanding text boxes, it makes me happy inside.

    Altogether, I’m impressed – but I expected to be :)

    02 Sep 2008, 23:34

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