July 03, 2008

Diablo III

Writing about web page http://www.blizzard.com/diablo3/

I've never been much of an RPG fan - friends of mine used to be into Diablo II years back, but I was always more interested in Quake style shooters. In the last few years, prompted by the bargain price for Diablo II and the expansion pack I decided to give it another go. I got well and truely hooked into it. As time went by I did wonder whether Blizzard would ever re-visit the Diablo universe with a new title, and this weekend they finally lifted the covers off Diablo III.

Admittedly there isn't a huge amount of information at this point but as long as it exists then i'm happy. And of course Blizzard being the nice folks they are make Windows and Mac versions of all of their games - seeing as i'm a recent iMac owner, I won't have to faff about with Bootcamp whenever this game finally lands :)

Bring it on!

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  1. Richard Snowdon

    I’m still playing Diablo II, so this announcement has been welcomed here. I was following the discussion around Blizzard’s splash screens last week, and I’m still a little unsure as to what the evil penguin was referring to, unless it was a complete red herring. Maybe we’ll see a secret penguin level after completing a difficulty of D3.

    First impressions for most people actually seem quite negative. Most seem to be complaining either about the lighting of the gameplay video shown (too bright and WoWish, not as dark and gloomy as the original game) or the new Witch Doctor character and how it looks like it’ll be replacing the necromancer. The latter I think can be largely attributed to people not being fond of change, maybe once it’s released and there’s chance to personally see how it plays opinions might change.

    I’m looking forward to this though, I just hope my PC will run it!

    04 Jul 2008, 13:29

  2. James Taylor

    We seem to be of a similar mindset as I was following the ‘build up’ as well – I was convinced it was going to be Diablo III from the start so i’m glad my faith was rewarded!

    Yeah – heard some negative feedback too but frankly I think that is mostly down to people who play games like Crysis and expect amazing graphics to be in EVERY game. As part of the Diablo II faithful, I thought the gameplay video offered everything i’d hoped to see from a third title. PROPER 3D, not too cartoony, not too showy.. and just building on the original characters / skills, etc. I can’t wait for it!

    Regarding system requirements, Blizzard have said that it will work on modest specification machines – I think they realise that most roleplaying type game players aren’t bleeding edge gamers (like the Crysis crowd) with overclocked CPU’s and graphics cards in SLI – so I think you’ll be fairly safe if you have anything from the last few generations of graphics card / processor!

    04 Jul 2008, 15:05

  3. Richard Snowdon

    Agreed on the gameplay video. One of my fears about this game (one of the sites I browse hinted at the announcement about a month ago, and revealed it explicitly the day before the announcement itself), was that they would try to change the format too much, given that they have an established MMO already in place to draw experience from. From the looks of the video though, they seem to have gone for an evolution of the series rather than a revolution. I was a bit surprised that it takes place only 20 years after D2 and already those events are believed to be myths. But on the other hand if they set it much later they wouldn’t be able to include Deckard Cain again. :D

    I just hope they don’t shun the single player game too much to try and ‘encourage’ people to play on their servers rather than offline. I like the convenience of being able to play my characters offline without needing to refresh them every now and then or depend on an internet connection. Since the 1.10 patch it feels like offline play has largely been ignored.

    05 Jul 2008, 14:22

  4. James Taylor

    I have to admit that I never play Diablo II offline – I only ever play online through Battle.NET, but that is simply because I built up my characters there (level 85 sorceress amongst others) that I can’t be bothered to work at recreating offline! Unless there is a way to convert your characters to offline.. cause that’d be handy! :)

    07 Jul 2008, 13:03

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