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June 10, 2008

3G iPhone & Mobile Me..

Writing about web page

I don't think i'd be doing my geek duties if I didn't post up about the new 3G iPhone, and new web services from Apple.

The iPhone looks excellent - 3G and GPS now built in as standard, a new look, and a seriously reduced price. My contract with T-Mobile reaches the magical 18 month marker in November so I think i'll be gleefully skipping down to my local O2 store to buy a new iPhone. I never felt that excited about the last iPhone, but I think these last few features really help put the icing on the cake.

And if 3G & GPS are icing, then the cherry has to be Mobile Me - Exchange type services for the rest of us. Mobile email, calendaring and contacts which are syncronized back up to Apple, and subsequently accessible from any web browser on any computer. I've been using a mixture of Google Calendar and the calendar on my Nokia 6300 for a while now but couldn't be bothered with trying to get them to sync, or paying for a product that would do it. Mobile Me looks really worth a punt.

Down side is that it is £59/year. I'd have said that was a good deal a few years ago, but with the rise of Googles excellent free services, it bites a little bit.. i'll try the 2 month free trial out before I definately commit I think!

My first near miss on the bike..

Cycled to work today and had my first near miss with a careless motorist. I say careless as i'm 100% certain that I didn't do anything wrong, despite them implying otherwise.

I was cycling round the roundabout over the A46 between Leamington and Kenilworth when a guy in a silver 4x4 decided it'd be a great idea to pull out on me when I was about 5 meters from his drivers side door. I threw on the brakes whilst involuntarily shouting "Whoooooaaaa!!" - and stopped fairly close to his door. I gestured angrily and amusingly he did the same, as if implying that i'd done something wrong. I'm not quite sure exactly how he felt I was to blame as I could clearly see his face the entire time so obviously he just wasn't paying attention. He roared off and I wobbled my way towards Kenilworth feeling rather aggrieved by the whole situation.

I can say one thing for sure. If all the motorists out there who treat cyclists like some lower life form were to just do a week of riding to work, they'd have a whole new perspective on things. I've done about 160 miles on my road bike so far and i've already had the joy of a a puncture miles from home with no spares (though I learned how to replace an innertube this weekend - easy!) and now already been knocked off my bike whilst being made to feel like I was to blame. The sad fact is that the trip from Leamington to Warwick University WOULD be an enjoyable ride if it wasn't for the cars. And yes I realise that is an incredibly hypocritical statement given that I drive to work 98% of the time ;)

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