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January 31, 2009

Today's rant is brought to you by… xenophobia

The trouble with porn is...

The trouble with protectionism is...

I am just worried by people, really. The wealth of idiocy and ignorance displayed in these articles/discussions is truly disturbing.

"British jobs for British workers"? Really? What about the free movement of capital and workforce? Maybe we need a bit of recession to bring down prices in the UK - it's in part because of how much it costs to live here that it pays so much to work here, which is why jobs are outsourced, or undercut by migrant workers in the first place. And that very same free movement of capital means the calls to stop them sending money back to their home countries/families are impossible, even if they might have some merit or justification.

As for the neighbourhood idiots, either they knew what was going on when they moved there, they didn't check the nieghbourhood thoroughly enough, or it was subtle enough that they didn't notice. Even if they've lived there before the studio came about, then there's no moral case against it, except the dodgy arguments against pornography as a whole. If it's a legal business, which poses no necessary public nuisance or threat, then he's perfectly within his rights to conduct his business. I think the absurdity of it is shown by exhibit A, Peter Kite, who I can only describe as a fucking idiot. He says:

"The police say it's legal but they don't see everything. If you've got pornography here now, you're going to have prostitution next, you're going to have drugs. In a residential area? No way - no way."

Sorry, what? Have you just crawled out of your neolithic fuckhole before your brain is done evolving? Is your upper-middle class suburbia being threatened by someone with a legitimate business model? Slippery slope much?

It really does get me angry when people are so xenophobic, so afraid of the other, be it foreign workers, or the pornographer next door. Granted, my knowledge of economics is limited, but, as far as I can see, neither case has any logical merit or value of any kind. It is simply the rantings of the small-minded, and I'm pretty sure if I spoke to them face to face, any of their arguments could be dismantled, even if they might not admit it.

January 08, 2009

Ah logic, my frequent companion

Apparently, God probably doesn't exist. Well, it's news to me. Why? Because it's not actually a justified, coherent logical stance. The ASA should in fact hold up this complaint, and you should believe this whether you are religious or not. This is because it is simply not in the power of the British Humanist Association, or any other group or individual for that matter, to assert the probability of God's existence. It's entirely acceptable to say that one does or doesn't believe in God, but to assert as objective fact the probability of the non-existence of something which is substantially outside the human remit of absolute knowledge and understanding is clearly a violation of the code that "marketers must hold documentary evidence to prove all claims". Where is the documentary evidence for the non-existence of God (which is not specified as the Christian God!)? It simply doesn't exist.

January 07, 2009

You know what drives me crazy…

I've have dreams about doing this very thing, right up till I started learning to drive. Genuinely, I had dreams as young as 10 about taking a car for a joyride and getting caught by the police after hitting a parked car.

The thing that irks me about this article is that the parents are blamed. I'm not saying they're entirely blameless - the boy has obviously played enough driving games to have learnt how to drive, and that's a sad state of affairs for a 6 year old. But I could well have done this, or many of my friends. Are they supposed to hide the keys? Watch their kids 24/7? The only possible case of neglect here is in the mother still being asleep. But I fail to see how that's endangerment. Honestly, it's just a sad, unforseeable scenario. From the information given, I thinking charging the parents with endangering their children and taking the children into care is extreme...

Are you a fan of Tumbledown Dick?

No More Scratchy Bottom

Hehehehehehe, Butt Hole Road :D

They'll be after the pubs next. What would Staines be without the Cock Inn?

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