May 04, 2008

Why must we fawn over wastes of space? 

"And then there's Amy Winehouse, whose best songs really are works of art, no question."

I question it, Clive. I'll question it all day. I have absolutely no respect for Amy Winehouse or her apparent achievements. As a singer/songwriter myself, I find nothing of interest in her songs or lyrics. Her voice is nasal and grating. And most importantly, she herself is a disgrace. I saw her at Belgian festival Rock Werchter last summer - she stumbled onto stage 25 minutes late, drunk as a skunk, totally oblivious, you could practically see the coke dribbling out of her nose. She didn't know what songs she was doing, delivered a limp performance and was entirely held up by her excellent band. Had I been closer, I would have thrown a bottle.

I got in trouble last year for saying many of these things live on Kerrang Radio. I don't have any problems with drugs - I think they all should be legalised, as people have a right to treat their own bodies how they wish. But when you cannot control a habit (and the same goes for drinking, or smoking, or eating), especially to the point where it affects your personal and professional life, then you deserve no respect. Much like her male counterpart Pete Doherty, I feel that what Winehouse contributes to the world pales in comparison to what she takes. The sooner she is locked away to learn to control herself, the better. The she can go back to simply being a vocal annoyance, rather than a negative role model...

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  1. Sue

    “We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
    Anais Nin
    Sometimes everything is a nail to those who possess a hammer.

    04 May 2008, 17:50

  2. “We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

    Which is supposed to imply that I am an unprofessional, drug-addicted waste of space? That I don’t like my songs? That my standards and expectations of people are too high? I’m afraid i don’t get you.

    “Sometimes everything is a nail to those who possess a hammer.”

    Again, not sure what you mean by this. Are you implying that I am, or think I am, better than other people, and therefore look down on them? Or if not better, different?

    04 May 2008, 18:04

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