February 29, 2008


I'm confused as to how this is only her fault... The guy jumped a frikking red light. If he's too much of an idiot to pay attention to or follow road signs, an accident was bound to happen. Granted, she shouldn't have been texting, but it's hardly all on her shoulders.

Oh, and as regards Turkey pulling out:

"The development comes a day after President George W Bush urged Nato ally Turkey to wind up the raid and get out of Iraq."

Do you think he's speaking from experience? ;-) 

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  1. Probably because he died. He’s paid his penalty too.

    29 Feb 2008, 12:56

  2. Mathew Mannion

    Granted, she shouldn’t have been texting, but it’s hardly all on her shoulders.

    I don’t think she deserves much sympathy to be honest. Considering the erratic driving I see from people who are on the phone (whilst at the very least still looking at the road), I don’t really have anything to give to people who were both speeding and not looking at the road whilst going through a crossroads.

    29 Feb 2008, 14:22

  3. But there’s no telling that she’d have been able to avoid him if she hadn’t been texting. I guess we’ll never know, but the cyclist was clearly at fault too. And yeah, he’s paid his penalty, but that doesn’t mean the blame that should have gone to him should be passed on to her.

    01 Mar 2008, 01:40

  4. The same line of reasoning can be applied to someone wandering a dark road at night whilst drunk. If a drunk driver hits and kills them, who’s to say they wouldn’t have even if they hadn’t been drinking?
    Drive safe & sensible all the time and avoid the chance of prosecution.

    01 Mar 2008, 15:33

  5. Odin, Lord of Trees

    Drive safe to avoid the chance of prosecution. Not death. Or killing. Just prosecution.

    18 Mar 2008, 13:59

  6. My point being that if she had been driving safely (ie not on the phone) that even though the chances are she would still have hit him (he went through a red) then she wouldn’t have been prosecuted.

    18 Mar 2008, 17:29

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