January 31, 2009

Today's rant is brought to you by… xenophobia

The trouble with porn is...

The trouble with protectionism is...

I am just worried by people, really. The wealth of idiocy and ignorance displayed in these articles/discussions is truly disturbing.

"British jobs for British workers"? Really? What about the free movement of capital and workforce? Maybe we need a bit of recession to bring down prices in the UK - it's in part because of how much it costs to live here that it pays so much to work here, which is why jobs are outsourced, or undercut by migrant workers in the first place. And that very same free movement of capital means the calls to stop them sending money back to their home countries/families are impossible, even if they might have some merit or justification.

As for the neighbourhood idiots, either they knew what was going on when they moved there, they didn't check the nieghbourhood thoroughly enough, or it was subtle enough that they didn't notice. Even if they've lived there before the studio came about, then there's no moral case against it, except the dodgy arguments against pornography as a whole. If it's a legal business, which poses no necessary public nuisance or threat, then he's perfectly within his rights to conduct his business. I think the absurdity of it is shown by exhibit A, Peter Kite, who I can only describe as a fucking idiot. He says:

"The police say it's legal but they don't see everything. If you've got pornography here now, you're going to have prostitution next, you're going to have drugs. In a residential area? No way - no way."

Sorry, what? Have you just crawled out of your neolithic fuckhole before your brain is done evolving? Is your upper-middle class suburbia being threatened by someone with a legitimate business model? Slippery slope much?

It really does get me angry when people are so xenophobic, so afraid of the other, be it foreign workers, or the pornographer next door. Granted, my knowledge of economics is limited, but, as far as I can see, neither case has any logical merit or value of any kind. It is simply the rantings of the small-minded, and I'm pretty sure if I spoke to them face to face, any of their arguments could be dismantled, even if they might not admit it.

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  1. Sue

    I quite like the idea of dismantling an argument, it seems a gentle way of going about it.

    31 Jan 2009, 23:25

  2. Bob

    Speaking of being afraid, I was last night. In a local bar was a speed dating night. I am pretty shy at times but I gathered my resolve and went for it. For the occasion my mother told me to wear a blue shirt. She didn’t explain her reasons but I trust her judgment on the matter as women tend to know more about these things. And she was right, I think it worked. I met this wonderful woman, for 2 minutes. I hope she liked me. I am in such a good mood now, I gave her my number, pretty sure she is going to call anytime now. When I do see her I am going to give her this poem that I wrote for her, let me know what you think, I am not very good at poetry but its about the meaning isn’t it?

    Here it is…

    Fiona Farbroke (Farbrooke)

    Your nose is like a signpost of love
    Pointing to my heart like a honing dove.
    Your eyes are like blue eyes but browner.
    Let me show you my dancing, Ill astound ya’.
    I love every hair on the mole on your face,
    Its shaped like Cyprus and is as cool as space.
    Your hands are like a song about wind
    And your skin like a dolphin, fresh not tinned.
    Your hands are so pretty and nice,
    Young looking, do you preserve them in ice?
    You came into my life so fast,
    Your smile made me forget the past.
    Except the time I won the top raffle prize,
    Which turned out to be two tickets of lies
    I don’t bet anymore, but back to you,
    Your lips look as soft as suede when new.
    I love you like good crispy duck.
    You’re so sexy, lets go back to my place and chat
    Over coffee, I just redecorated the flat.

    Let me know what you think, or anything else really.

    01 Feb 2009, 20:14

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