June 09, 2009

1 million idiots, voting for the wrong 'change'

Why they're buying the hype

A sample of the idiocy on display

Let's look at some of these, shall we?

"If somebody votes BNP, it means they are concerned about the uninvited change of the British character and society"

The uninvited change of the British character? How fucking provincial is that? If by uninvited change, you mean immigrants coming over here to do the jobs English people think they're too fucking good to do, I'd say that's an invited change. Or at least I welcome it.

"The nation has spoken in these euro elections. Well done to BNP and UKIP - parties that listen to the man on the street."

If UKIP and the BNP are representative of the man on the street, I'm glad I'm leaving. So xenophobia and barely disguised racism are the norm, are they? Fear of European integration, despite the fact that a federalised Europe is the only way the UK can really compete with the US and China.

"Immigration has changed the very face of this country and in doing so it is breaking apart the very tribal structures that have held our communities together for centuries. The biggest mistake is the labeling of Anit-Immigration people as racist. This has alienated the public even more. This is a crisis brought to us by Labours dnagerous inability to listen to the public. Britain has lost its romance and they want it back."

TRIBAL STRUCTURES!? Has this idiot listened to himself? There's a naturalistic fallacy if ever I've read one - 'oh, we've always been this way, it's tradition. If it ain't broke, why fix it?' Because there's this little thing called progress that everyone's been harping on about, don't know if you caught it mate, but apparently it's the way things GET BETTER! Not all anti-immigration people are called racist - the Tories had some reservations a couple of years ago and the word barely came up. But the US is a nation founded on immigration, and they seem to be doing alright. I agree that labour has problems listening but all this bullshit about romance is ridiculous.

"I can finally see the first signs of dissent amongst the ethnic majority of the British population. For years now the average working Brit has been treated like a second-class citizen in his/her own country."

Oh, the poor, downtrodden white man, totally powerless and can't take it any more. He wants to clean his own toilets, collect his own garbage, go through 7 years of med school to heal his own sick. Why? Not because he actually wants these things, but because when he looks out the window, or walks on the street and sees someone he judges to have not been born here, he gets jealous. That's what it boils down to, and that's why a vote for the BNP and many votes for UKIP are based on idiocy.

"the BNP only have support at all because of continued near-unrestricted immigration into this country, many being economic migrants who send their money out of the UK."

And that's a bad system because...? They have a right (and a duty) to support their family. So either the family comes here, and people whine aboute a strain on services and infrastructure, or they stay wherever they came from, and people whine about money leaving the country. We oughtn't to complain about money earned through hard work going to help the less fortunate, and yes, they are generally less fortunate, even if we're in the middle of our so-called recession. There are British people who are economic migrants to other countries, are we supposed to bring them all back too? What about foreign companies who set up branches here? They send money out of the country, but they still pay their taxes, and they still create jobs, and they still contribute. It's the stupid idea that the majority of immigrants coming here don't contribute, the sort of bullshit myth perpetuated by the BNP, that leads to this stupidity. Hell, we should chuck out all the 'welfare-claiming, teenage chav mothers' first - how are they contributing to Britain? Or are they an example of the traditional British character, the romance, perhaps? I was ashamed to be British when the results came out. Ashamed!

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  1. Here’s hoping none of my comments bring your wrath upon me!

    First of all: Do NOT read BBC “Your say” comments. They’ll only make you want to smash small puppies with bricks. The majority of those people should not be allowed to have a pc as they tend to cause widespread rage within minutes of their comments being posted. That place is second only to Mail comment sections.

    But I like playing devil’s advocate, although: never fear! I shan’t talking in favour of the BNP but rather a small section of their voters. I think that some people might have simply voted for the BNP simply because of their immigration policy or some other tripe. Although one would have hoped that they’re aware of the fact that the BNP are racist etc etc scummers, I think that some ignorant types might not know about all of that.
    However, I’ve heard their overall vote has decreased and it is simply the fact that turnout in other areas decreased even more that gave them the better result.

    But I don’t think it’s wrong to say that there are a significant number of people in this country who shouldn’t be breeding.

    09 Jun 2009, 18:49

  2. Nice to hear from you, Gav.

    Nothing in there to incur the wrath, don’t worry ;-).

    I know BBC comments will always get my blood boiling, but I suppose I’m just a glutton for punishment. I always read them, for football and politics and general stuff, really. They do at least provide some interesting information now and again.

    You’re right, their overall vote has decreased. But 1 million is still 1 in every 60 people. Think about that. I know it’s not really spread, and bunches in Yorkshire and the North Midlands, but statistically, you know at least one person who voted for the BNP. If I find anyone I know did, I will probably ask them to explain themselves, and then cut them out of my life.

    You’re also right that some people are probably just too ignorant to realise the reasons and ramifications of the BNPs immigration policy. But it’s one which, in the short term, is identical to UKIPs 5 year freeze, and UKIP are marginally less odious than the BNP, despite that ringpiece Farage.

    The voter apathy also pisses me off. 42%, if I remember correctly. I’ve spoken to a bunch of people who are just like “No, I didn’t vote, I’m not interested in politics.” I just don’t understand how someone can be not interested in the way they’re allowed to live their life. Because eventually, that’s what government does – legislates, and controls quality of life. Each person that didn’t vote is as responsible for the BNP MEPs as those who actually voted for them.

    09 Jun 2009, 19:53

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