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October 31, 2007

Giants, Dwarves and Haiku

So, it's been a week since my last entry. Fucking hate not having internet at home, it's such a nuisance. Anyway, this week we had to write A poem about something enormous, another about something tiny or very close up, and then a few haiku, as well as bringing in some metaphors. I've always preferred similes myself, but what the hey. So:

How the gargantuan came to be known, a Just So story

What would you call me?

I am the next step on from infinity

To whom your universe is but the tiniest quasar

In the wax that I flick from my ear

To whom time is but a distant rumble of thunder

Caused by insecurity in one’s place in the chain

I am the chain, or at least, proportionally

I am again the size of all else that is in the chain

Such that mathematically space and all that is in it is negligible

Whether it wishes to be negated or not

I am the gap between here and there,

Between is and ought, between life and death

And all that’s in-between

From the a child’s first word to the heartbeat of a sun

I do not translate into human tongue

So you would call me… God


How Low Can You Go?

Miniscule, I twist

Master of no fate

Destined to stay spinning here

Until such time as I adhere

To principles that make the world go round

Or so I hear, and so they say


Zipping here and there

Too small to be free

A billiard ball with no control

Bounced along from hole to hole

Or, as the case may be, from orbit to orbit

Altering, the sole purpose of me


Electron, I’m called

Weighing almost nowt

But every difference there can be

Is by and large a cause of me

Being catapulted out of one space to another

Any change you see means that I’m about



Why does my sword hang

Near, on the door? So I can

Resist temptation


Air conditioning,

You are but sanitised wind

Called by a button.


Where once duly dwelt 

We, waxing dark poetics,

Dwindles data’s dust


To smell and be warm,

Or leave the window open?

That is the question


One of the haiku (the data one) is old work, but other than that, I think they're alright. As for the metaphors, I challenged myself when i got home to throw myself into them, so I wrote a song full of them. Here is the relevant part (it's the sort of outro/chorus section)



You’re the first step across the threshold

You’re the scent of a lover’s arms

You’re the final exam before the summer began

And you’re the glimpse of a shooting star

You’re the sound of the rain on the pavement

You’re the joy of a baby’s first word

You’re an ice cold drink when the party’s in full swing

And you’re the freedom to fly like a bird

You’re a long flat highway to speed on

You’re an oh so fulfilling refrain

You’re an extra time goal in the cup final

And you’re a sip of vintage champagne

You’re the bacon when you’re hung over

You’re the 20 found in an old pair of jeans

I could never describe the feelings you stir inside

But it's the first note a songwriter sings


So yeah, that's that bit. Couple of other metaphors:

Jack Dee – Our water is so hard, it comes out of the tap wearing a tracksuit

Somehow (another song of mine) – When you first hung your tough guy mask up on the wall, I saw the levees break

Yeah, an interesting week, assignment-wise. Last night, the poetry slam, was very bittersweet. I got really low scores for my first two poems which, while they weren't amazing, I didn't think were 23/22 scores, though I did forget the words. But they weren't as personal to me as Three Years in the Desert, and I think that came across, because I knew it well, and I performed it well. people laughed at odd lines and hissed at the "Weak in the herd" line, which I didn't expect, and I ploughed on through when I maybe should have given them a little time to breathe. But 4 10s and a 9 was the highest score given (it was also given to Peter, the legend, who is my poetry tutor for ICW, for those of you who don't know, the random freaks out there reading this blog, yeah you!) Though his poem was about 4 and a bit minutes, but it was crazy, so imaginative. Anyhow, yeah, hopefully will have internet soon, and be able to spout bullshit on here a lot more often. 

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