November 22, 2012

quality, management and reliability

After attending the lectures and seminars on QRM, i came to know about the various tools like qfd, fmea, doe and spc. i came to know how to apply the tools to check for quality, reliablity and maintainance. After the case studies, came to know that a small mistake can be a lot expensive. In the case study of the plane, a small mistake was the cause of 112 people's death. I had to present on TQM and ISO9000. So it helped me gain a lot of knowledge about TQM and ISO9000, their benifits and disadvantages and the similarities and differences between them. TQM is basically for the internal customers, whereas ISO9000 is for the external customers. ISO9000 is a certified thing, so ISO9000 certified companies have competitive advantages and helps in customer satisfaction. I also learnt about the processes like six sigma. Overall learnt different aspects on quality, reliability and maintainance.

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