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December 26, 2007

Switzerland—between heaven and earth

Feeling really sick right now, maybe every legend does need a price tag. In this case, the price I have to pay for wearing one single pair of jeans on top of Europe is severe cold and feeling endless sleepy. Though I really need to get myself back due to the coming millions of tasks.

In retrospect, I felt happy about everything during this trip. I think Santa really favored us this time. We went there without a careful plan, but everything turned out just fine. Switzerland impressed me by her beauty, wealth and kind people.

The best part may be not the breath-taking view on the mountains, but the time we four spent together. We shared and encouraged each other. It's always nice to be inspired by smart people, especially when that happened during a wonderful trip to a wonderful country. I have to say, I really need that.

When I standed on top of the mountain, surrounded by the spectacular view that I had never seen in my life, I was lost... I felt there was just one step away from heaven, one person away from being completed. Yes, life is a bitch. Even when you are offered the unexpected excitement, somehow you are always reminded by something you wanna forget.

Amazingly, I didn't feel as christmasy as when I was back in Shanghai. The night we came back, a simply instant noodle really cheered me up. It was good to feel home.

November 04, 2007


It was a great fun to go out after one hell of a week, especially when you chose such a place like Cambridge.

We set out from Warwick in bright sunshine but when we arrived in Cambridge, the sky started to turn grey. Well, it is Britain we are talking about... We started to wander the streets within this nice and small town. Cambridge is so different from Oxford, more quiet and concentrate I'd have to say.

I have been deeply moved by a Korean drama once I saw and my favourite part of it was when the lovely couple cruising along River Cam. And lucky for me, I did it finally! It was absolutely fantastic. We reviewed those famous bridges across river, listened to the stories behind, and embraced the clear air and view from both sides of the river. It was like a mobile gallary.

Cambridge is so connected to Chinese because of a famous poem written by Xu Zhimo. He studied in King's College for one year and wrote this masterpiece, which I believe was his most famous piece. The poem is about departure, combined with sensible description about the scenery. And I could finally understand a little bit after really being in this scene.

Indeed, Cambridge is a place that you can't say goodbye to.

October 27, 2007


I woke up this morning at 7 when it was still dark outside. It was my earliest get-up since I've been here, all for the trip to Stratford-upon-Avon.

We missed the scheduled train due to the boys' late. But somehow it gave us a reason to have a real nice breakfast. Two hours later, we headed to the birthplace of William Shakespear--a legend of English literature.

Stratford is a tiny beautiful town and surely has been well develped for tourist industry. It is surrounded by the famous River Avon. Behind lots of trees, you can always find a church, a garden, a tower, or simply a nice lawn. The place actually never needs a famous figure to boast her existance, because she is already amazingly charming. And the fact is Shakespear left this town for London in his early age and never returned, left his wife and daughter there...

The sunshine showed up briefly during noon time when we were walking along the riverbank. Such a relaxing scenery just made me want to stay for ever.

When I was on the boat wandering on the Avon, I just wished he was there and saw everything that appeared in my eyes. It was a moment to remember.

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