October 20, 2005

Is Confucius past?

This morning, I read an article in Chinese newspaper, that is "Confucius in classroom come back, critics call the sage irrelevant".
The first sentence of the article is striking, it is:

IS confucius as valuable to students as computer science?

Standpoint 1. The sage is enjoying new popularity that sees virtues in his call for social stability. More than 10 local(shanghai) schools have offered basic Confucian reading courses and teachers say ancient principles can be applied in their daily lives.

Standpoint 2. Now the complaints from parents and some educators are that Confucious is irrelevant, tiresome, too complicated and deflects students from practical studies. Some one said reading such difficult ancient works won't help young children understanding the world.

I have a question that British students don't know confucious, so they don't read confucian books. they don't lost anything. However, whether that means they don't read British ancient literature?

I support one should know a little about the culture born from oneself's country. It is not equal to the computer skills.
And you?

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  1. Michael Hammond

    I think it is relevant to know something about the past in order to understand the present, Vygotsky said something about the importance of erecting statues to past heroes – we might change our minds about whether they were heroic but it is instinctive that we want to remember the past. . Having said that I donít know who I would look to to inform our use of computers, I did however once quote Shakespeare in something I wrote (it was taken form someone else so wasnít an original idea) but in ďAs you like itĒ he talks about time and how it is experienced differently by different people, it starts like this – and is great

    Time travels in divers paces with
    divers persons. I'll tell you who Time ambles
    withal, who Time trots withal, who Time gallops
    withal and who he stands still withal.

    it is really nice way of looking at time and relevant to how time passes depending on what we are doing online or off line

    24 Oct 2005, 19:17

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