May 26, 2008

Expectations & happiness

It was originally written on 22nd May, 2008

Different people have differing definitions and understanding of happiness. As for me, I would like to say that the happiness depends on your expectations. I have experienced 2 days which are so much different.

Yesterday: a sad day.
I attended a poster competition yesterday. Before that, I had spent four days to do preparations, met with two tutors to revise and polish it and even spent about 4 hours to think how to dress properly. To be honest, I have not worked so hard for one thing for long time. So, I definitely expected a prize from that competition, even a little one could be fine. However, the result turned out to be nothing, nothing at all. The frustration was suddenly all over me and lasted for half a day. Terribly sad.

Today: a remarkable day.
I received a post this morning, regarding of funding offer to me. Wow, it’s just so great! Actually, the notice date should be in March and I received none information by then. I thought it’s over and never thought about it at all afterwards. So, you can image how excited I was thins morning. I was so happy because of no such expectations at all.
Later on at noon time, I received an email to confirm that my paper has been accepted by a conference. Wow, another plus! What a brilliant day today! Terribly happy.

Everyday is just so different and out of control sometimes. It’s still a big challenge to mearsure hapiness. Maybe the less distance between expectations and real life, the happier people are. It also might be the reason why successful people are not happy sometomes. Wish everybody could find your own happiness!

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  1. Sue

    I’d say that I do have high expectations but for some reason I don’t get disappointed easily. I don’t really understand the reason for this, it may be a method of coping which I subconciously deploy. I’m not good at self analysis so I can’t tell you the reason.

    For instance, I remember as a child there were a group of about six of us who thought it would be a good idea to sleepover in a tent in the garden of someones house. I immediately said that I thought my mother would let us do it in our garden (she was renowned for always having loads of local children round her house and had an attitude of “the more the merrier”, I think I’m lucky in that respect). I got very excited in anticipation but the answer turned out to be “No”. The other mothers wouldn’t allow it either so we didn’t have the sleepover but I remember being surprised myself that my level of disappointment didn’t match up to the excitement that I had felt about the prospect.

    26 May 2008, 21:48

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