May 26, 2008

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Expectations & happiness

It was originally written on 22nd May, 2008

Different people have differing definitions and understanding of happiness. As for me, I would like to say that the happiness depends on your expectations. I have experienced 2 days which are so much different.

Yesterday: a sad day.
I attended a poster competition yesterday. Before that, I had spent four days to do preparations, met with two tutors to revise and polish it and even spent about 4 hours to think how to dress properly. To be honest, I have not worked so hard for one thing for long time. So, I definitely expected a prize from that competition, even a little one could be fine. However, the result turned out to be nothing, nothing at all. The frustration was suddenly all over me and lasted for half a day. Terribly sad.

Today: a remarkable day.
I received a post this morning, regarding of funding offer to me. Wow, it’s just so great! Actually, the notice date should be in March and I received none information by then. I thought it’s over and never thought about it at all afterwards. So, you can image how excited I was thins morning. I was so happy because of no such expectations at all.
Later on at noon time, I received an email to confirm that my paper has been accepted by a conference. Wow, another plus! What a brilliant day today! Terribly happy.

Everyday is just so different and out of control sometimes. It’s still a big challenge to mearsure hapiness. Maybe the less distance between expectations and real life, the happier people are. It also might be the reason why successful people are not happy sometomes. Wish everybody could find your own happiness!

14 Feb, 2008

Another Chinese New Year

It was originally written on 6th Feb, 2008

Another Chinese New Year
I have received several Chinese New Year wishes these days. Each of them is alike a reminder to underlye time flying. I prefer to watch yound people’s smiling face recently, rather than getting close to the old. It is not a like or unlike issue, just my favourable condition and unfavourable constrait.

There is a best greeting I have received these year. I would like to share it with everyone.
P.S It’s from my parents in China.


Kong Hey Fat Choi

I got my blog back from Google

I have not used this blog address for two and half years, coz I lost the address. This year, I started to use hotmail Myspaec to write blogs. When I search for my name on google, it turned out my warwick blog address. Thank God! I get it back. It also appears that warwick blog engine might be more powerfu than MySpace.

I will transfer some blogs from Myspace here to spare with my friends.

October 20, 2005

Is Confucius past?

This morning, I read an article in Chinese newspaper, that is "Confucius in classroom come back, critics call the sage irrelevant".
The first sentence of the article is striking, it is:

IS confucius as valuable to students as computer science?

Standpoint 1. The sage is enjoying new popularity that sees virtues in his call for social stability. More than 10 local(shanghai) schools have offered basic Confucian reading courses and teachers say ancient principles can be applied in their daily lives.

Standpoint 2. Now the complaints from parents and some educators are that Confucious is irrelevant, tiresome, too complicated and deflects students from practical studies. Some one said reading such difficult ancient works won't help young children understanding the world.

I have a question that British students don't know confucious, so they don't read confucian books. they don't lost anything. However, whether that means they don't read British ancient literature?

I support one should know a little about the culture born from oneself's country. It is not equal to the computer skills.
And you?

September 29, 2005


Great congratulations to myself! With one of my very nice supervisors —- Dr. Michael Hammond's help, my first blog (web log) was set up on 27th September.2005,when was my second day at the University of Warwick. I am pleased to share the exicting moods with all my friends!

According to most academic research processes, it seems that it is necessary for me to define it first . Okay, here is the Literature Review:

…finally can I introduce colleagues to Jie Hu ( who has joined Warwick to do some doctorate research on E learning and langague acquisition, I hope she might join our group. She has directed me to her cousin's blog at as an example of a general interest blog.(Hammond, 2005)

A good beginning is half success. Generally, people are used to start something at the very beginning, such as setting up goals and behaving well. As a normal person, I am not over that. The reason why I did not write something on my blog on the first day is that I took it too seriously. Actually I took it as a special day in the history of my blog. Okie, relax. Just take it easy! It is mine. I have the rights to change it with my over-changing moods, like a diary.

Turn to the points, I looked through some Chinese websites about E-learning during the last two hours. To my big surprise, the research depth in this field in China is far from what I thought before. I immediately felt that I am a lucky dog who can stand on the shoulders of giants. Well, pretty good, isn't it? What I need to do is to read them as many as possible, then climb out something(not for sure what exactly they are. Anyway, I am a idea creater. I am confident that I could do that. Or hope so at least).

To be frank, I do not have a strong background in this field. However, I always believe that interest is the best teacher. I could never ever forget that after the first ICT lecture by Professor Richard Andrews at the University of York, how excited I was. I kept browsing the related websites for three whole nights. When I expressed my interest in SLA in ICT education, my former supervisor Dr. Harriet Marshall( She was the final year Ph. D student at the University of Cambridge then) greatly encouraged me to do research in this field, but she knew little about it. In order to support me to have enough time to write my research proposal used for MPhil/Ph.D application, she even allowed me to cancel citizenship education presentation. Finally, when she nodded head to my proposal, I saw the beginning of my MPhil/Ph.D study.

I am still a young lady without enough life or working experience, however, I am maturer than my peers. I am the vice-president of the student union at college(more than 15000 students), and the first graduate who find a job in my department(totally 246 graduates). I am a person who always knows what I really want. The days when I worked for Viacom Asia in Beijing were wonderful! One of the best offices in Beijing, high salary, smart and pretty colleagues, five-star business hotels. All right, so what? They are just something which cannot make my heart on. That's just a kind of life I cannot feel my soul. However, when I touch my current research, I feel my heart becomes warm. That's a kind feeling which makes you full. They are something you can keep thinking over without push. With it, you never feel hopeless. Just be used to taking it as portion of your life!

Keep reading! Keep thinking! Keep writing! Keep doing1

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