November 08, 2004

A Perfect Circle…

Just got a hold of the Perfect Circle album, Emotive. Frankly it's stunning. Maynard James Keenan remains at one of the innovative forefronts of modern "rock". The album is an explosive collection of protest songs. Often understated, particularly when compared with the other offerings of A Perfect Circle. Whilst, of course, A Perfect Circle is made up of some of the finest rock musicians around, at the heart of this lies Maynard. I find it hard to think of another vocalist who can convey such power and depth both lyrically and sonically.

However, on this offering the lyrics are mostly penned by others. This is an album of protest songs. This is reminiscent of the powerful Renegades album released by Rage Against the Machine before they moved on. Much like Renegades the album consists of reinterpretations of classic songs rather than lazy karaoke covers. This is art, there is no doubt.

The highlight for me after a few listens was the stunning reworking of John Lennon's Imagine. You would swear that APC could have written it themselves. Maynard's harmonies add a darkness to the song that you will never have hear in the original. The lyrics sound more radical with MJK behind the microphone – the song is an invitation for radical social change. I suppose this is how it felt for those who first heard Lennon sing it way back then.

Anyway, that was badly written by me, but I just wanted to get the message out – it's brilliant. Buy it.

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