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February 25, 2005


You blessed me with your presence
you blessed me with your smile
And even if it doesnt last forever
At least it will last a while.

I feel blessed when you touch me
Blessed when we chat
And even if you just lust me
At least ive had that.

The world is now a blessed place
My life a blessed thing
And no matter what expression is on my face
At least my heart knows how to sing.

Because you blessed me with your friendship
In a world so full of pain
Im forever in your debt
As I know how to love again.


January 09, 2005

My withered rose

It was more than a kiss before we had kissed,
His voice an answer to my unspoken prayer,
A flower unexpectedly blooming in winter,
A whispering longing for something I did not know was there.

He was my direction though I thought I was not lost,
His beautiful face, my guiding light above,
A flower, my gift from heaven lasting forever,
It is an emotion too often described as endless love.

When in his arms I melt into nothing,
But his touch soothing my worries away does not last,
The flower already dying,
My endless love disappearing fast.

My tears run for what seems forever,
A word depicting my lie a worthless lie.
My flower, a blood red rose
Is withering in a last goodbye.

November 22, 2004

world war 1, Ypres Belgium

The pain around them echoed
The screams of agony resounded in their ears.
The cold shivering breeze carried the groans
The quiet helpless suffering of their friends.

They say "Friends are good in times of battle"
But to watch one writh with tears in their eyes
Knowing you must only watch
With silent anguish and pretend you did not see
Must be a torture far worse than any other know to man.

The terror portrayed in their memories will last.
As will the underlying feeling
That they suffered unnecessarily
The sacrifices they made
The untolerable conditions they tolerated
The uncontrollable fear, they controlled.
And the unimaginable courage they all had in their hearts
Will always be remembered.

when you smile

when you smile
the sun does shine
the world does laugh
you make a heaven in your eyes
to look away
is a great sacrifice
as in your eyes hold
the ultimate paradise.

To see rain from the heavens
is a lesser sin
than to see tears in your soul
when youve pain within
you make midwinter spring
you heal a dying wound
you make my problems dissappear
like a broken instrument tuned

just hearing your voice
and seeing your face
puts love in my heart
and a smile on my face



Crying solves nothing right
but by God I believe it helps
It clears your head
and leaves you calm
you dont stress and think instead

But crying makes you weak
when you want to be strong
and those around you cant help
feels like you cant carry on.

You can cry with joy
or cry in pain
cry in confusion
cry in vain
cry with exhaustion
for the things you've done
some cry for attention
some for fun.

If you dont cry
you lose something inside
you don't show your feelings
you've lied.
but if you do cry
you lose something as well
and thats your pride.

a new version of an old classic

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways
I love thee like I love the sun, the light, the heat.
I love in darkness, in moonlight, in cold.
I love thee in hatred and anger
In spite and jealousy.
But I love thee more in kindness and hope
In devotion and empathy.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways
I love in fun, in work, in play
I love thee all night and I love thee all day.
I love thee like I love my life
And how I love to be free
But I would love thee even more
If it was just you and me.

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