November 22, 2004

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You are the light that shines down on my face every morning through my windowpane and makes me smile.
You are the gentle bandage that heals my aching wound which is making me cry.
You are the splashing water that surrounds me and washes my sins away leaving me pure and clean.
You're my teacher that always helps me to learn when I feel like giving up.
You're my thoughts, so soft and gentle, your my thoughts so harsh and rash.
You are my soul that keeps me going, that light which surrounds me cool and calm.
You are my heart that resounds within me that without I could not survive. my emotions that make me who I am.
You are my mind that ticks and ticks.You are my personality, my rationality, my devotion and words.
You are my map, my guide, my direction which without I am lost.
You are my home that you have created, my family, my love.
You are my safety that I cling to when I am scared and in need of care.
You are my peace when I need silence when I want is love.
You are my war with others when I am angry. You are their through thick and thin.
You are my happiness, my smile, my laughter. It is all part of you.
You are my wings that make me fly and the hand that catches me when I fall.
You are my love that makes me explode wirh joy. My ecstasy that I cant control.
You are my future. You are what I want to see.
You are my bestfriend that understands me that holds me up when im too weak to stand.
You are my warmth when I am cold and lonely, you are that coat that keeps me warm.


You are my mountains that I must climb over to reach my goals and where I want to be.
You are my pain that stings and stabs my body and mind.
You are my tears that caress my cheeks when I am despairing.
You are my anger, my hatred, my spite and jealousy.
You are my danger that risk that keeps me on my toes.
You are my confusion when I am alone, lost and hurt.
You are my cold,that bites and freezes me still.
You are my downer of a hundred pills. My suicide.

You are the one I love but you of all people cause me the most painful pain

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  1. Um, ok this is kinda strange for me to admit, but that just made me cry. I was thinking of one person the whole way through and the ending hit a nerve. I can't wait to see her again. Jen, keep it up. By the way, if you ever see a guy in a shirt and a really cool hat at Top Banana,say hello!

    22 Nov 2004, 20:23

  2. Come on Jen, with a comment like that you just KNEW it was me! xxx

    23 Nov 2004, 12:24

  3. i wrote that peom when I had the biggest argument ever with my ex boyfriend. Id never been hurt that much by anyone, and it amazed me how much a person can hurt you when you love them. oh I I have just read that comment now about the hat so it wasnt that that made me guess it was you

    23 Nov 2004, 17:55

  4. How are ya hun?

    20 Dec 2004, 22:30

  5. im fine darling you? i like your lyrics by the way.

    09 Jan 2005, 19:26

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