November 22, 2004

a new version of an old classic

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways
I love thee like I love the sun, the light, the heat.
I love in darkness, in moonlight, in cold.
I love thee in hatred and anger
In spite and jealousy.
But I love thee more in kindness and hope
In devotion and empathy.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways
I love in fun, in work, in play
I love thee all night and I love thee all day.
I love thee like I love my life
And how I love to be free
But I would love thee even more
If it was just you and me.

To be happy?

Sorry its not so cheerful but….

Why does a person's happiness depend so much on other peoples opinions?
Why do we have to feel loved and wanted to feel we have a reason to exist?
I believe if only we can find a way of existing for who we are instead of what people think of us then we could be truly happy.

Why does the ego play such an important part of our lifes?
Why does it feel being pretty on the outside is more important than being pretty on the inside?

If I didnt care what people thought I could be myself but then I would still be happier if people loved me for being myself. So it is still a priority in my life!

I believe we can only be happy if we all change our outlook, our philosophy on why we act the way we do and why we care?

Why do we care?

Any thoughts?

October 11, 2004

My Philosophy

Always give as much as you can. But
Never give too much.
There's always somone needing your help. But
Keep enough for yourself.
Be selfish. But
Remember how lucky you are!
Open your eyes and be positive about everyone. But
Never trust anyone completely not even yourself.
Never get embarrassed.
Why be normal?
Be different.
Be yourself at all costs, it's worth it.
Don't be pressured into doing anything you don't want to do.
It's not worth it.
Push yourself.
See what you want to see.
Go where you want to go.
Achieve what you wanna achieve.
Your more capable than you imagine.
Know what you want, Aim to get it.
It's alright to lie to everyone but yourself.
Don't be shy.
You've nothing to hide and never will have.
Remember your body is yours. Love it. Look after it. And
Don't be ashamed. It's beautiful.
Have no regrets
Live your life
Do your thing. And
Be Proud.
Never look down your nose. And
You'll have more friends.
Don't be afraid of being alone. Just
Don't be lonely there's no need.
Enjoy silence it doesn't happen very often.
Smile even when you feel like crying. But
Don't be ashamed to cry.
Look at the world through a window.
Don't get too worried.
If you can't stop it, flow with it.
It might be better than you imagined.
Strive to understand yourself. But
Understand it might take years.
Laugh out loud and at yourself.
Scream when you want to.
Enjoy being you.
Wake up every morning just happy to be alive.
If your lost, don't look back.
Go forward, step by step. And just remember
Write when you need to.
Escape when you have to. And
Love all the time.

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