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February 04, 2009

This is starting to get silly

OK, I think I’ve worked out the system now.

I post a blog, wait a few weeks ‘til some comments appear, post again saying how rubbish I’ve been and promising to be better, post once more if you’re lucky, and repeat.

Let’s actually try to improve on this.

Term 2 warmed up very briefly but since then it’s snowed. It’s slightly depressing how much the snow just completely shut down the country. On Monday, not a single bus ran in London. not a single bus!

Besides lectures, the major event of this term is going to be elections for the Union Sabbs (Sabbatical Officers) for the 2009/10 academic year.
I’ve almost finished my manifesto for the Societies Officer, which looks pretty good, but to be honest the elections can be a bit of a lottery so fingers crossed!

I’ve also been playing quite a bit of bridge this term. Yesterday was our second round Portland Bowl match, which we won, so we’re now through to the quarter finals. One more match and we get to go to the finals weekend in London, which would be exciting.

Plenty of singing is going on – Chamber Choir has done a couple of gigs for One World Week and there was an Armonico Consort concert last Saturday which I really enjoyed. The main UWCC concert this term is in LSO St. Luke’s in London where we’re doing Bach’s Magnificat and Dove’s Koethenermesse, with the newly-founded University Chamber Orchestra (which is AWESOME!) I’m the tenor soloist in the Dove, so if you happen to be in London on 21st Feb come and watch it!

Next update in four weeks :P
(Well, hopefully less than that)

February 04, 2008

I return

A lot of my blog posts seem to be taken up by apologies for not posting for so long, so I won’t so that again – just please take it as read.

Well, since my last post I have been in my usual state of fantastically busy.

The fundraising is going well – I’m nearly half way there now! If anyone does happen to stumble across this page please donate –

Since my last post I’ve been up to quite a few things really:

I participated in an Alexander Technique workshop. This was really interesting actually, and I learned that my posture isn’t that bad. And learning how to sit down properly was really rather surreal. But nevertheless, I am trying to put some of the things I learned into practice.

Then One World Week happened. For those who don’t know, OWW is a massive celebration of the variation of cultures represented on campus. It’ s a week of an insane number of events, performances, talks, presentations, concerts, food festivals, and just about anything else you can think of. Chamber Choir had two gigs in it – one to kick start the fashion show at the beginning of the whole event, and another outdoors in the Piazza a few days later. Both were good fun actually, and went very smoothly. Although the one outdoors was bloody freezing!

I’ve been playing a lot of bridge recently too – there was an England U25s training weekend, where we had a talk from a very experienced player about keeping count of the hands and cardplay, which was fascinating. We played quite a lot of boards too, and generally I think we performed really quite well.
Last Saturday the University A team traveled to London to play LSE in our Portland Bowl match. We won reasonably comfortable, although we’ll have to be in top form as our next match is against the winner of Oxford A and Cambridge A. But we’ll see – should be a good match at any rate.

Two weeks ago was the show week for Sweeney Todd – MTW’s main theatre show, which was fantastic. It really was very very impressive, and if you didn’t see it, you missed out.

Talking of performance, WSO had a submissions meeting last Friday, and our next production is going to be HMS Pinafore, some time in term 3. There were two very good submissions and the decisions we had to make were very difficult. I hope the other team resubmits at a later date.

I have a lecture now, but I really promise to keep this more up to date!

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