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October 04, 2008

Fire alarms and oily hands

I’ve been cooking. It’s very nice and relaxing.

Before we get on to that, a brief update on the life of the James.

Term has begun; we’ve had our first week and it has been a raging success. I like many of my modules, although I missed all of Friday’s lectures due to feeling too ill to attend them. Friday was spent in bed reading though, so it was not all bad.

Chamber Choir has lots of new members and is all very exciting. Paul let in loads of people so I now need to go and generate some more music for them all, which is a slight inconvenience. They are all great however. I even managed to get myself married (on facebook) to one of the freshers. We had a social after the first rehearsal on Thursday and all had a good laugh.

Opera Warwick (the new name for Warwick Student Opera) had their first meet yesterday, and also has lots of new members, which can’t be a bad thing. Auditions for Dido are over the next week, and we’ve now had our first Cox and Box rehearsal, at which I discovered that actually learning my music beforehand appears to have been over-preparation.

On Monday night we had the first bridge match of the season, which we (unfortunately) lost 7-5. Still, it could have been worse and it’s early days.

Today I bussed onto campus (a luxury) and the Octet had its first rehearsal of the year. It sounded great (considering three of us were in nowhere near good voice), and we’ve got some really good music to do. We’re hoping to spend a weekend doing some recording next term.

On returning home, I did some work, sorted out some of my music (still a lot to go though!) and cleaned the bathroom. When it came to supper time, I had some wraps that I needed to use the rest of, so I dug around in the freezer for a bit and found some pork chops. I still vaguely remember buying them (because they were on offer) in term 1 of my first year. So I chopped one of them up and stir fried it with veg and soy sauce and ginger and it was mighty fine.

Wondering what to do with the others, I decided to have a go at making a marinade. So I’ve now got two pots in the fridge, one with a curry-style concoction in it and the other with a weird mix of things inspired by Chinese cuisine. Both look and smell very tasty, and both were satisfyingly squidgy to mix with my hand. Although I had no idea what I was doing, so heaven knows if they’re going to taste OK.

It was, however, great fun to be creative.

Tomorrow holds the delights of a bridge exec meeting, along with the first meeting of the club. Should be a laugh. Then it’s home for pork curry or chinese-style somethng or other…

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