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September 25, 2008


Wow I really do feel popular! Many requests to keep posting. I guess I should write an update then :P

I’m in the Maths computer room at the moment, deciding on modules for next year. It’s not going very well so far. They give us far too many to choose from (as in, about a hundred), and I’m not the most decisive person at the best of times.

I have now moved back in to my Leamington house, as have my three housemates. It’s the same house and people as last year, which is nice. Plus, it means that I can’t be too bad to live with (always a bonus), seeing as they’re all prepared to put up with another year of me. I even managed to tidy everything away, catalogue my music and go to Asda before I took the car home. So I now have 16 litres of fruit juice under my bed waiting to be drunk.

Since my last post we had the 120th party, which was, as far as I could tell, a huge success. Everybody I talked to had a fantastic time, there was enough food to sink an aircraft carrier, and we each had a big cake. Mine was totally wacky, which I feel suited me down to the ground. The hog roast was HUGE, and even we were forced to admit defeat by a considerable margin. I doubt it will all have been eaten by Christmas. It was nice to see lots of people :)

Being back in Leam it’s now a chance to see everyone uni who I haven’t seen since June (unless they came to the party, of course) before term starts on Monday. It’s really strange – most of the people in the years above me have now left and gone to get proper jobs and other scary things, and I’m going into my third year. It feels like only yesterday I was a fresher, all young and carefree!

Music’s already seriously underway, despite the fact that term hasn’t started yet. I’ve just spent quite a few hours sorting out all the Chamber Choir folders for next term, and I’ve been cast as Box in Cox and Box which is one of Opera Warwick’s productions for next term.

This evening I’m off to play some bridge ahead of our first league match of the season which is on Monday.

So, ahead of me lies a busy year – music, bridge, cycling (yes I’m going from Leam to campus again this year!), and to top it all off, my finals. Then who knows what I’ll get up to? I certainly don’t!

I make no promises as to when my next post will be…

September 10, 2008

OK OK I'm here!

I never knew this blog was so popular. That’s three whole readers!

I am still here, still alive, still able to type, even while stationary.

Life has been relatively quiet since returning from Portsmouth. Plans for the birthday party are in full swing. We put up the big tent thing today, and it looks like it’ll do the job nicely. I also got a parking ticket from a very mean attendant, who stood there and did all the paperwork really slowly as I waited to drive off. That was less of a success than the tent.

Last weekend was the Coventry [Bridge] Congress, and was an overall success. We (Ant & I) won the pairs on the first evening: a very pleasant surprise indeed! So now I have a trophy to my name, which is nice! The Swiss pairs was… less of a success, but we came just one Victory Point (out of 140) below average in the teams, which is definitely not bad.

That’s about it really – lots going on in preparation for Saturday, so I’ll get back to that now and blog about it later. Probably much later, but hopefully on Sunday or Monday.

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