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June 28, 2008

Cleaning and tidying…

Well, the end of this year really has snuck up on me, and now it’s all hands on deck to move out and go back home for the summer.

I would now like to declare that we have one of the cleanest bathrooms in the whole of Warwickshire. Although the colour of the water that I used to mop the floor was really very disturbing.

It’s all now down to tidying (ugh!) and packing my room up, deciding what I can leave here and what needs to come home, and generally shutting up shop here in Leam for the next 13 weeks. There’s a lot of paper floating round at the moment that would benefit from my attention, so let’s get to it.

June 27, 2008

Results Day…

Results are out!

It’s strange: the end of this year has really snuck up on me. A week ago I was still taking exams, then with the busy nature of wsaf I haven’t really stopped to think about it. We really finished very late on in the year.

Anyway, onto the results themselves.

I got a 2ii overall, which to be honest, is only to be expected given my work ethic over the last two months. Fortunately, I think that getting a mark lower than I really wanted has made me realise just how many bad habits I’ve been getting into – not getting up til 10 or 11, procrastinating to avoid work, spending too much time on trivial things, and having a REALLY messy bedroom (Yes, it really is distracting, which is rather shaming really).

Fortunately, it has made me promise myself that I am going to really work my hardest to knock these bad habits on the head before I let them completely take over, so hopefully the effects won’t be too serious. I know that if I work properly next year a good 2i shouldn’t present any problem at all, and if I dedicate myself to it I am definitely still capable of getting the first which I really feel I should be getting. Let’s be honest, I know I’m intelligent enough to get one, but I’ve just been letting myself get far too easily distracted from what I should be doing.

This year it slipped from my vision that what I’m actually here to do is a degree, and all the rest of the stuff is a bonus. I don’t want to give things up, but it might do me good to occasionally turn down an opportunity. Maybe. Once in a while. (This is going to be difficult isn’t it?).

For now though, it’s getting into the habit of keeping myself tidy, getting up at a reasonable hour, and not procrastinating, and with some dedication I’m sure I can manage that. Here’s to next year!

June 10, 2008

Algebra II – Groups and Rings

...Was a total and utter catastrophe. A disaster of monumental proportions. I have never sat such a ridiculously difficult exam in all my days.

Fortunately, this was the opinion of everybody I spoke to after the exam, so hopefully it won’t be too bad once it’s been marked. I just struggled to do any of it.

Still, it’s over now!

Right, on to final Metric Spaces revision for tomorrow…

June 09, 2008

This is a small revision break

I am in the Library working (very intensely) for the dreaded looming monster that is our Algebra II exam tomorrow afternoon. It’s our hardest module, and it doesn’t seem to be going too badly, which is good news.

And now for a more serious entry than usual, with more than just a report on life, the universe and everything.

It’s strange – these exams are on some fascinating maths, but I have never felt so disinclined to work towards anything. I’m just not inspired at the moment, which is really disappointing. And as a direct consequence, the two exams I’ve sat so far this session haven’t gone well. It’s not a problem: provided the rest of my exams go OK (I’m discounting tomorrow Algebra exam from “the rest of my exams” because the module has literally about three times the content of any other module and it is unlikely to be a pleasurable two hours), I should score a 2.i and be on track for a good result.

I’ve been thinking a lot about life post-degree recently, which has, as well as providing a good distraction from revision, been very enlightening. When I came to Warwick I knew exactly what I wanted to do: work hard, graduate with a good degree, go and work in london ‘til I reached 35, then retire and do whatever I wanted (having worked like a dog for 15 years to acquire the means to do so).

It is, however, just like all things in life, not quite that simple. Being at university has, without a doubt, been an incredible experience (and I hope it remains to be), which I have enjoyed immensely. It has also been a vast voyage of self discovery, and very enlightening – the amount I have learned in the last 2 years (both academic and otherwise) is simply staggering. And that’s now not what I really want to do any more.

A financial career is now less inspiring to me: there are so many more exciting, interesting jobs I would rather do when I graduate. Some need a degree, some don’t (although whichever I choose, I still want to graduate with a decent degree).

It occurred to me about 6 months ago that what I really want to do is sing. It’s my passion, my favourite thing, what I look forward to every day. Although the question of whether I’d still love it if I did it all day every day or whether it would be worth keeping it as a hobby remains to be answered. There’s only one way to find out though. And I’d feel pretty rubbish if I got to 30 and thought “I wish I’d tried to get into singing as a career”.

The one other thing I’m wondering at the moment is whether to stick on the four year MMath course I’m currently enrolled on or whether to change to the BSc and graduate after three years. The four-year course has the obvious advantage that I get to spend another year in this fantastic place. Although lots of my friends will have graduated, and the workload will be greater, so I’ll have less time to pursue other opportunities. The trouble is, I see an opportunity, I always want to grab it. And I don’t always have the time to dedicate to it to do as well as I want to in it.

Sorry, that’s all come out in a bit of a random order as it tumbled out of my head, but I’m not doing an essay subject so I hadn’t done a plan before I started.

Still, that makes me feel a bit better. Here’s to some success tomorrow!

OK, back to the revision for now…

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