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April 29, 2008

Exams, concerts and other stuffs

Well, that was a fun couple of weeks!

Firstly, the Saturday before term started (the 19th) Consort had a concert in Oxford in Trinity Colleges chapel.

It was a miserable day, but we got quite a few people coming and sang pretty well, so all was good. I had a look through Scores of The Magic Flute in Black’s music but there weren’t any English translations there at all, which was mildly disappointing.

Then came the week of DEATH! Ironically, of my three exams, the one I had done the most preparation was the worst, and the one I really crammed for went really very well all things considered. May this be a lesson to you all:
Cramming works.

No, sorry, the real lesson is to start your revision earlier and work consistently hard.

I also handed my essay on constructibility in (which was, if I might say so myself, really rather good), so it was nice to get that out of the way too.

Last Saturday we had another concert, this time in Kings Heath. We did Fauré’s Requiem and a biiiiiiig chunk (a bit more than half) of The Messiah. That was great fun, and lots of people said it was really good. Plus I got to be the person to start it all off, which was quite exciting.

Rehearsals for Pinafore are all still going on, and the show’s really sounding and looking fantastic. It’s nice and relaxing just to be in the chorus for a show after the complete manic-ness of the last one. Details of the show can be found here .

Well, I have a small mountain of washing to do, and lectures in a new course start today, so I must be off.

April 17, 2008


For everybody’s information, I am alive and well. I am also one of the Internet’s most useless bloggers, but I guess you’d already worked that out.

As I write I am taking a short break from the revision that is going on for next weeks’ exams, and the essay-writing for the mathematical essay due in next week as well.

Backtracking quite a bit, the performance of the operatic version of The Scottish Play went extremely well, and was amazing fun. Singing with a full orchestra really was quite something.

I spent the majority of the Easter break either procrastinating or playing bridge. This was a perfectly good way of whiling away the hours, but was, however, not the best preparation for term 3.

I am now back in Leamington and working like a …thing which works very hard to be ready for the exams and deadlines next week. After this, and once the weather warms up a bit and becomes less rainy, I shall be doing some more cycling in preparation for my charity trek in July.

I will update this highly infrequently until a weeks’ time, when the first tranche of exams will be over and I shall have some more time. But for now, back to the Algebra I…

PS Since I started composing this post, I have received two emails telling me that people are commenting on my previous entry. It’s nice to know people are concerned about me :)

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