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February 23, 2009

Exhausted and Elated

That was my answer to the question “How do you feel?”, which I was asked by two student journalists at about half 1 on Sunday morning.

This last week has been good.

Campaigning like that is the most knackering thing I have ever done. I am more tired than when I cycled to Paris last year.

However, on the coach home from the London gig (more to follow) I did get numerous texts and phone calls congratulating me on getting elected to the Sabbatical post of Societies Officer for the academic year 2009/10, which really does make it all worth it. I had taken some drinks for the coach journey home (I would either be celebrating or drowning my sorrows) and promptly cracked one open!

The coach got back to campus at about 5 past 1, and I wandered into the Grad@Cholo to see if there was anyone still there. I had a chat with the chair of elections group, and a couple of the winners, before getting collared by the aforementioned journalists. Providing answers to difficult questions at quarter to 2 in the morning (whilst slightly inebriated) isn’t easy!
Once I’d been released by them, I went to bed. I didn’t even have enough energy to drink my champagne.

That wasn’t the end of it though – during lunch the following day I got another phone call from these people to tell me I’d won by 8 votes and then ask me in the same breath how that made me feel. Journalists are peculiar people.

It still hasn’t quite sunk in that I’ll be running the Union next year, but it’s definitely exciting!

Moving on from the elections for a bit, the Chamber Choir also had a highly successful concert with the newly formed Chamber Orchestra on Saturday night at LSO St. Luke’s in London. I had a great time, and it sounded brilliant. There apparently will be a recording of the gig coming out soon.

And in the less good news, I have managed to break the screen of my phone so I can take calls but making them or reading texts it completely out I’m afraid.

Sleep is good. I might have some more of it later.

February 15, 2009

On the spade and the socks

For those not on facebook, you will not know that my two most recent statuses have been:

James is desperately trying to get hold of some socks…
James now knows that you can’t peel a windscreen with a spade.

There was much comment on both of these.

I’m afraid that the windscreen one is really very boring. Another friend of mine had a comment on his status which said “and never peel a windscreen with a spade”. I quite liked it so I used it. There’s really nothing more to it.

The socks one is much more interesting. Yesterday I received a parcel containing 76 pairs of socks. They are for use in my election campaign (which I’m not really allowed to mention). I am running for Societies Officer, often abbreviated to “Socs”, hence the socks.

Back to the strange world of actual reality rather than facebook, the reader will (hopefully) be pleased to hear that I am well. Lectures are still going on, music is also still going on.

More excitingly, next week I will be campaigning like crazy in an attempt to get everyone to vote for me as next year’s Societies Officer for the Union. It’s going to be a tough race, but I’m really looking forward to it.

Friday was the Music Centre Ball, which was brilliant. Photos are going up on the aforementioned Facebook for those who are lucky enough to be classed as my friends. I had an absolute whale of a time.

New Day Octet also had a gig last Friday (as in 9 days ago) in University House, which was very well received. It was really enjoyable!

And yesterday was another Hymnos gig in Lapworth church. It went absolutely brilliantly and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. There was a curry afterwards which I did not attend, needing to get up this morning to do lots of useful things, but I’m sure everyone else had a great time.

That’s it for now, campaign prep to be done!

February 04, 2009

This is starting to get silly

OK, I think I’ve worked out the system now.

I post a blog, wait a few weeks ‘til some comments appear, post again saying how rubbish I’ve been and promising to be better, post once more if you’re lucky, and repeat.

Let’s actually try to improve on this.

Term 2 warmed up very briefly but since then it’s snowed. It’s slightly depressing how much the snow just completely shut down the country. On Monday, not a single bus ran in London. not a single bus!

Besides lectures, the major event of this term is going to be elections for the Union Sabbs (Sabbatical Officers) for the 2009/10 academic year.
I’ve almost finished my manifesto for the Societies Officer, which looks pretty good, but to be honest the elections can be a bit of a lottery so fingers crossed!

I’ve also been playing quite a bit of bridge this term. Yesterday was our second round Portland Bowl match, which we won, so we’re now through to the quarter finals. One more match and we get to go to the finals weekend in London, which would be exciting.

Plenty of singing is going on – Chamber Choir has done a couple of gigs for One World Week and there was an Armonico Consort concert last Saturday which I really enjoyed. The main UWCC concert this term is in LSO St. Luke’s in London where we’re doing Bach’s Magnificat and Dove’s Koethenermesse, with the newly-founded University Chamber Orchestra (which is AWESOME!) I’m the tenor soloist in the Dove, so if you happen to be in London on 21st Feb come and watch it!

Next update in four weeks :P
(Well, hopefully less than that)

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