February 23, 2009

Exhausted and Elated

That was my answer to the question “How do you feel?”, which I was asked by two student journalists at about half 1 on Sunday morning.

This last week has been good.

Campaigning like that is the most knackering thing I have ever done. I am more tired than when I cycled to Paris last year.

However, on the coach home from the London gig (more to follow) I did get numerous texts and phone calls congratulating me on getting elected to the Sabbatical post of Societies Officer for the academic year 2009/10, which really does make it all worth it. I had taken some drinks for the coach journey home (I would either be celebrating or drowning my sorrows) and promptly cracked one open!

The coach got back to campus at about 5 past 1, and I wandered into the Grad@Cholo to see if there was anyone still there. I had a chat with the chair of elections group, and a couple of the winners, before getting collared by the aforementioned journalists. Providing answers to difficult questions at quarter to 2 in the morning (whilst slightly inebriated) isn’t easy!
Once I’d been released by them, I went to bed. I didn’t even have enough energy to drink my champagne.

That wasn’t the end of it though – during lunch the following day I got another phone call from these people to tell me I’d won by 8 votes and then ask me in the same breath how that made me feel. Journalists are peculiar people.

It still hasn’t quite sunk in that I’ll be running the Union next year, but it’s definitely exciting!

Moving on from the elections for a bit, the Chamber Choir also had a highly successful concert with the newly formed Chamber Orchestra on Saturday night at LSO St. Luke’s in London. I had a great time, and it sounded brilliant. There apparently will be a recording of the gig coming out soon.

And in the less good news, I have managed to break the screen of my phone so I can take calls but making them or reading texts it completely out I’m afraid.

Sleep is good. I might have some more of it later.

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  1. The Fatherhood

    This blog is in need of an update. The elections are over, so get to it young man!

    14 Mar 2009, 10:28

  2. Herself

    C’mon, lectures are over and Charlotte has gone home – so you must have time to post now?!

    16 Mar 2009, 20:29

  3. Herself

    Update for goodness sake, what else are you so busy doing???

    20 Mar 2009, 09:06

  4. Herself

    Don’t tell me you prefer revision over posting updates???

    24 Mar 2009, 21:19

  5. archies friend

    no not revision

    26 Mar 2009, 07:51

  6. archies friend

    nor tidying. perhaps photos should be threatened

    26 Mar 2009, 07:52

  7. Herself

    Blog!!!!!! You must have something interesting to write about by now, and if not write about something uninteresting! I shall beat you with sticks if there is not an update before I see you tomorrow!!!

    01 Apr 2009, 21:42

  8. The Fatherhood

    You really are a RUBBISH Blogger!

    03 Apr 2009, 13:00

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