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May 30, 2008

I am RUBBISH at blogging. But not too bad at other things…

Yes, I am a rubbish blogger. Most of my entries seem to start with this sort of admission, but I’m afraid I am. Moving straight on…

So, I have finally got round to writing something for my adoring fans to read. Here goes:

Pinafore was really very good. It was all great fun. and there was much singing and dancing for a week. This wasn’t ideal for my revision status (which is still dangerously thin: I suffer from the problem that EVERYTHING is more interesting than doing it), but it was worth it. Plus we’ve made a sizeable chunk of money, which is definitely good.

With some of this money, Chris (Mr. Pres) plans to put some musical workshops on next year, which I’m really looking forward to already.

In other news, my wsaf submission (‘Art’ by Yasmina Reza) is going well. We got a reduction on the rights because we’re in a small venue, and I’ve cast three really very good actors. My Marc is especially good. Yet more rehearsals to distract me from the dreaded R.

Besides rehearsals, last Monday a load of us went to see Avenue Q in London to welcome Jon P home after his year in France. It was, in a word, brilliant. Having never been to see a show in London before, I was rather taken by the whole experience, and the show was just excellent. The puppet work is really clever, and they’re all voiced just 4 people. We were sitting in the front row, and hence Justin (next to me) got picked out as somebody who watched a lot of internet pornography, which was quite frankly hilarious.

And would you believe it, two trips to London in one week, because yesterday I went with Ant to finally go and see QI being filmed. We tried last year but got turned away, so this year we had priority entrance and got seats in the second row back. This was also a fantastically entertaining experience, all the more added to by the fact that they were filming the Christmas special, complete with fake snow. And they kept mentioning the Olympics in the future tense by mistake. Although they decided they could get away with “well, we didn’t do very well did we?”, on the basis that it couldn’t fail to be true.

Exams start next Tuesday and I’m not looking forward to them (let’s face it, does anyone ever actually look forward to them?), but they hopefully won’t go too badly. Except possibly Algebra II, because that is impossible.

I’m still trying to raise funds for my charity cycle at the end of July, so if anybody fancies donating a bit (or, in fact, a bit more) to my cause, go to and follow the instructions.

Looking further ahead, I got a phone call from Chris (opera pres again) asking me if I’d be on his submission team for Yeomen of the Guard term 1 next year. We handed the pack in today, so we should find out soon if we’ve been successful. For once, we’re not the only submission, which is good news for the society. Mind you, if we are successful, I’ll already have things to occupy myself with til late November. At which point I’ll be 21. YIKES!

Well, I’ve forgotten lots of things that I have done (this always happens when I sit down to blog), so for now that’ll do. Don’t expect regular updates during the exam period!

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