March 30, 2005

Gotta break her in some time

Ok here it is, I'm making an entry on this thing. Probably something best done when one is feeling inspired or incensed, can't honestly claim either of those right now. Often feel like I have a knack for articulate wittering devoid of any particular content to speak of, better try to get that out of the system before exams. Worked at GCSE, they don't seem to like unbridled verbosity nowadays. There goes my niche.
Some thoughts, then. Hmmm. (Does typing in grammatical 'ponder' phrases like 'hmmm' actually help me think or convey any meaningful information at all? I digress…)
Suppose the mind is gradually drifting towards exam-type thoughts. Feels a bit early, but I seem to recall it felt all too late last time round.
Almost feels like it's the 'big push' when you mull it over like this. Second year exams. Big thing.
But these musings don't really sum up my general mood. Not at all really. Like to think I'm one of those cheery optimistic types. Well I am. It seems ironic that once you take a moment and reflect on this kind of thing it just sounds dry and sardonic. 'I'm a cheery optimistic guy'. See? Sounds like I'm taking the piss. Admittedly I probably am just in anlaysing the thing so much. Keep it up John: Successfully pontificating about nothing in particular. Still got that niche.
Biggest events of the last week? Frustration in having forgotten to bring a phone charger home for easter; I effectively have no phone. You don't realise just how big an issue this is until it happens – and I'm the first to find it utterly ridiculous that the world falls apart without a mobile. Ok, that's a big overstatement. Have missed 2 parties & a few kickarounds already in the half-week i've been back though. No worries. Stay cheery.
Also am a bit fucked off because I've lost some draw. No, 'lost' doesn't quite cut it. Baccy & Weed have been removed from my jacket pocket – I'm sure of it. Can't just ask my mum if she's harbouring a bag of skunk that ain't hers though. Best I could do was hints at the dinner table earlier; "Don't need a conservatory. We can build an air-raid shelter. Could rent it out to wealthy illegal aliens [?] and GROW WEED." Did the hint fall on deaf ears? Fuck it. I'll ask her if she fancies a splee next time (fat chance).
Anything more? This is only my first entry. 'First of many' would follow that nicely, but someting tells me that would be a lie. Never was too good at diaries. Once I get the hang of unconscientiously blurbing I'll blog on a bit more often.

Adios avid readers. Until the next time…

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  1. Yay! finally John posts something. Although sorry to hear about your sad loss. I'm too skint to even afford any to lose, which is annoying. Sounds like you're having a fun Easter then. When are you back in Leam?

    30 Mar 2005, 22:39

  2. I forgot my phone charger when I went home too, and it was *awful*. Just awful. It shouldn't be, but it is. Which is, as you say, ridiculous.

    31 Mar 2005, 07:11

  3. ya mother

    you set of sad borin bastards get a life fuck me!!! i forgot my charger and blah blah blah !!!! fuck sake shut the fuck up skriking

    22 May 2006, 13:51

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