December 01, 2005


Follow-up to Getting People to Comment from This pendent world

Prostitute!!! As in whore. She's also a lesbian.

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  1. Visiting Atheist

    You could get a whole discussion going here over the whole sex industry thing, if you play your cards right. The BBC is commenting about more guys paying for sex these days (or at least owning up to it) at link … or it might be quiet just because people are doing their Christmas shopping (gosh, that's really organised, isn't it)

    01 Dec 2005, 16:24

  2. I think I know who you are 'Visiting Athiest' so please reveal your name! I think it's an interesting article but am not so sure that it's just men who 'want the sex life they want'. Infact…women may be more demanding.

    I agree that the internet could be a big influence but then again…remember the Victorians? Horny as hell….

    01 Dec 2005, 16:38

  3. Visiting Atheist has been on the blogs for well over a year and never reveals his name! (I think his gender was established at some point).

    This is your only "public" blog post with any comments at all, so I thought I should contribute!

    01 Dec 2005, 23:09

  4. hehe thank you! Although I don;t thinkn that's true. And…visiting athiest. I do know you…right?

    02 Dec 2005, 02:45

  5. I blame the government. Play Radiohead at her. I need sleep.

    02 Dec 2005, 03:42

  6. Oh, and lesbians are better than prostitutes.

    02 Dec 2005, 03:43

  7. Haha. Love it. Up at 4am making suggestions about my prostitute lesbian friend. Everyone needs Radiohead.

    02 Dec 2005, 11:19

  8. WOW! VA? A private blog? For me!

    And now I do know your true identity, no…you weren't who I thought! But your secret's safe with me.

    Knowledge is power!

    02 Dec 2005, 11:55

  9. Visiting Atheist

    Ah, heck… I'm hopeless at remembering names. The faces I can recall okay… hoped you might tell me who you are if you thought you knew me. Ho hum.

    Right, we're rather getting off the subject here. Ahem… prostitutes, whores, lesbians…

    What do people think about gaydar? Does it exist? If so, is it for the gay community only?

    And why do prostitues on the continent apparently have a more romantic allure than English ones? (Never having tried either, myself, but that's the way it seems in the media)


    02 Dec 2005, 14:19

  10. Gaydar exists. Straight people can have it too. It's more about being observant than anything innate.

    02 Dec 2005, 14:49

  11. Yep, agree with that one.

    As for continental prostitutes (the first time I've ever written that subclause) my guess is that they have better spin-doctors. Either that, and/or the media never show us the less glamourous ones.

    02 Dec 2005, 16:05

  12. Amsterdam's red light district is informative in that area. Go in the evening and it's all the young girls on display. Go in the day and it's grab-a-granny time.

    02 Dec 2005, 17:19

  13. Assuming that young girls are more glamourous/ provide better sex than grannies.

    I don't know VA, I think these 'continental prostitutes' of which we speak are presented in the media in the same way as other 'continental stuff' ie slightly alien, exotic and mysterious and therefore more romantically alluring.

    I say we should shun this media trend, and rather judge our prostitutes by their oral sex abilities….

    02 Dec 2005, 18:47

  14. Sounds like a PhD project in the making…

    02 Dec 2005, 19:28

  15. Visiting atheist

    Certainly a project you should be able to get funding for given what some people have got money these days. And already there is a working hypothesis to be investigated! (Though are the working girls good at oral sex above anything else? Don't know myself! My girlfriends have varied in attitude and ability. Possibly covariant rather than bi-variant – pun not necessarily intended – though my bi girlfriends were better.)

    I agree about gaydar working for straight people, too… as you say, it's about being looking at people and working out why they do certain things. But why is it called gaydar? Is it something that the gay community first qualified with a catchy name?

    03 Dec 2005, 20:31

  16. (trapped in thought bubble filled with prostitutes)

    (It's even got a handy jingle!).

    04 Dec 2005, 11:04

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