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December 01, 2005


Follow-up to Getting People to Comment from This pendent world

Prostitute!!! As in whore. She's also a lesbian.

Getting People to Comment

I havn't written a blog that anyone will comment on for ages!
If you write stuff that you think is vaguely interesting, nobody comments and you realize you really aren't vaguely interesting at all.
But if you write crap stuff nobody comments either.
And if you try and be funny you realize you're a girl so obviously you aren't.
Even writing stuff to my friends only occasionally gets a 'hi Jess'.
I toyed with writing something racist or anti-sematic or equally as disturbing and inviting debate but can't bring myself to do it.

Was gonna write rude words in big letters here to get a response but also find that a little bit scary.

I have a friend who's becoming a prostitue and is really happy about it.

Gonna go practice for the Nationals now.


Just had bit of a debate over smoking-ban-type-overly-discussed stuff.

Got me thinking. At the SRA awards last week someone cool and famous gave me a ciggy and so I smoked it (how mindless and shallow i turn when drunk!)As an ex-smoker this has effected me a lot since. SOOOO…. I found some 'nicotene and tabacco free' ones! They appear to have a marajuana leaf on the front, and they certainly are sented similarly. However, they are completely herbal; made of marshmellow,eucalyptus and ginseng or something. They make me feel relaxed; tricking my senses into thinking I've smoked! I have about one every two days and they are great!

Advise anyone giving up to pop along to your nearest hippyish shop and get some!

More interestingly. I went to some guys' house tonight who are fourth year computer sciencey men (hi if you are reading Rob, Dean, Steve). Just want to mention the majority had experience of people named 'Duck'. Seriously. People name their children 'Duck'. HOW FUNNY IS THAT???

VERY much so.

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