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March 03, 2006

Coucou les jaloux

Coucou is now my favourite French word. Its just so cuddly!

As I type this I'm seriously thinking, is there a point? It has been sooooooooooooooooooooooo long since I actually wrote anything it's not like anyone reads it any more.

However, Mr. Mills' sweet comment of last night/this morning has spurred me onwards. So, worry not, I am not going to bore you with 5 months of French goings-on. Only the interesting ones!

My quest to get a social security number is ongoing, painful, and fruitless. I've given them about 5 copies of every official document I've ever owned (including my Warwick card, the most useless piece of ID created unless you want to go to Top B, the library, or get 10% off a McDonalds) and this still doesn't seem to be good enough. Unfortunately, this has become a fairly major issue. It is as if my body realised I was in a country where you have to pay upfront for your healthcare, screamed "YIPPEEE!!!" and instantly fell apart. To date, since September, I have had:

1 chest infection
1 asthma attack
1 case of the flu (from hereon known as Death Flu[TM])
1 anaphylactic reaction caused by peanut salt in a packet of tomato-flavoured crisps
1 trip to hospital in an ambulance
1 trip to the doctors
2 prescriptions
2.5 weeks off work sick (which, on a 7 month contract, is mighty impressive!)

All of which has cost me around 150 (£110), almost all of which is supposed to be reimbursed by the state, and hasn't been. I WANT MY MONEY YOU BASTARDS.

Other than that, things are all good in the hood. My mates here have turned out to be fairly useless, but to be honest who wants to pay £20 to get into a club which is effectively Top B with MUCH more expensive drinks anyway?

Most of my big news is Warwick and/or UK-bound anyway. Firstly…..


Don't ask me how – I wasn't even at the AGM. Me and Skidmore's amazing hard work to set up an audio conference via Skype sadly failed at the last minute, but I think I have Nic to thank for saving the day. TBH I think the RAGgers were probably voting for me as an extension of Nic rather than for me, per se, but I can live with that ;o) RAG Week 2006 is going to kick ASS, and if it doesn't win Best Non-Social Event at next year's Socs Awards I shall be very upset. I do intend to avoid running into a wall this time.

In other news, I have a job interview to go and work in Florida for the summer. And guess who my boss is going to be?


That's right, 3 months at Disney World could be mine. Spending my days off communing with the whales at Sea World, I'd imagine :o) The interview is in London, 2 weeks today. I'm crapping myself and busting a gut with excitement at the same time.

Anyways, enough from the other side of the Channel for now. Peace out, and keep in touch. I miss everybody :o)

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