February 03, 2005


STEVE IS NOT DEAD. I saw him yesterday. I like to think I would be able to determine if someone was dead or not. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t.

Yes, I know there was that whole business of his benefit gig/wake on Sunday. It differed from most wakes but the fact that HE WAS THERE. “Ah,” I hear you say, “but most people are at their own wake – in a coffin.” Alright… I concede that. But Steve not only was there, he was playing the trumpet as well.

So, in conclusion – STEVE IS NOT DEAD. I talk to at least one person a day who thinks that he is. I'm beginning to wish I was…

"Dogless Dave's Amazing Pump Clips And Nozzles

I saw this label on a box after playing a gig for the MBA. It was in the Warwick Hospiltaity office next to The Bar.

I consider this to be one of the least likely sentences that anyone could encounter. I challenge the people of the Blogs to submit an more absurd (yet meaningful) sentence.

Maybe we can engage in a quest to find THE setence that is utterly confusing and yet bears resemblence to reality.

September 29, 2004

The undeniable truth about Blogs.

do it. think it. bolg it!

I usually think it first – then do it. Perhaps I am in the minority.

Of course this is a very cunning attempt by the university to track student motions, perform demographic analysis on us, monitor illegal activities and find out the type of teapot we use.

There are probably dozens of employees trained in the martial art of reading – plowing through blog after blog – searching for an enigmatic reference to how that sheep got onto Car Park 5 last night.

Be careful fellow students

… this is a trap. Look at what they did to Lord Byron for goodness sake! The VC is a zombie. He removes brains.

Quick, I spot a man in black motioning towards my terminal. I must go into hiding until the truth has set me free

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