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February 03, 2005


STEVE IS NOT DEAD. I saw him yesterday. I like to think I would be able to determine if someone was dead or not. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t.

Yes, I know there was that whole business of his benefit gig/wake on Sunday. It differed from most wakes but the fact that HE WAS THERE. “Ah,” I hear you say, “but most people are at their own wake – in a coffin.” Alright… I concede that. But Steve not only was there, he was playing the trumpet as well.

So, in conclusion – STEVE IS NOT DEAD. I talk to at least one person a day who thinks that he is. I'm beginning to wish I was…

"Dogless Dave's Amazing Pump Clips And Nozzles

I saw this label on a box after playing a gig for the MBA. It was in the Warwick Hospiltaity office next to The Bar.

I consider this to be one of the least likely sentences that anyone could encounter. I challenge the people of the Blogs to submit an more absurd (yet meaningful) sentence.

Maybe we can engage in a quest to find THE setence that is utterly confusing and yet bears resemblence to reality.

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