June 07, 2005

New beginnings

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Having just read James' blog entry about uni life coming to an end, I suddenly feel quite sad. I've become increasingly aware that I have less than three weeks left at Warwick before rejoining the 'real world'.

I'm really going to miss everyone, especially everybody in the Music Societies, all of whom are TOTAL LEGENDS! I really can't imagine what life here would have been like if I hadn't been so heavily involved in the Music Centre.

Upcoming milestones include:

– My last Top B (probably in Week 9, as I'm in rehearsals all day for a show on Monday Week 10, and you just can't get into the last Top B of the year unless you get there really early…)

– My last gig with Big Band. I'm really going to miss these guys. Big Band are a bunch of total legends, and the society's been an important part of my life in the two years that I've sung with them. Steve Pretty's apparently coming back to do the gig, so it'll be an old-school reunion. Mate. Awesome. Let's have an Arts Festival…

– My last Chamber Choir concert. Likewise – terrific bunch of people. I've made a lot of close friends in the choir. Signing-up for my audition was actually the first thing I did on the first day of my first term (before enrolling in my course!). My last exam is also that morning. Celebratory post-concert curry, anyone??

– The 40th Anniversary Gala Concert. This is going to be amazing, and the last time that we have a massive joint gig featuring Wind, Brass, Chorus, etc. before the finalists leave. It'll be just like Krakow! (What a tour that was…) I love it when the music societies team up to do gigs. Chamber Choir have teamed-up with Symphonic Wind and String Orchestra before, and it works really well. Also, I'm looking forward to some Don Giovanni action (singing, that is…) with whoever's playing in that.

So, to summarise, a huge thank-you and "Fair dos" to everyone in the Music Centre for being legends and making my three years here so fantastic.

Also, EVERYONE has to come and see Figaro in Week 10! It's going to be awesome! WSO (formerly Opera Projects) is the society that I've been most involved with by far during my time here, and they've got a fantastic show lined-up for WSAF!

Buy a ticket, even if it means pawning your pants…

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  1. Figaro is FREE on monday of week 10.

    Pick up your free ticket from the arts centre box office.

    Monday Evening – Arts Centre Studio – Either 7:30 or 8pm. (not sure :S)

    Remember, all of WSAF is free, but collect a free ticket if the thing you are seeing is in the arts centre!

    07 Jun 2005, 18:25

  2. So… I don't have to pawn my pants??

    07 Jun 2005, 19:08

  3. Jerz, is there an actual pant pawning shop in Cov?

    This I must see

    08 Jun 2005, 17:10

  4. Jerzy, You can still pawn your pants if you want to…

    08 Jun 2005, 18:19

  5. Nonononono! We'll have no pant-pawning in the name of Figaro. I hereby promise to refuse entry to anyone failing to prove to me that they're wearing pants.

    09 Jun 2005, 07:53

  6. Does that apply to the orchestra as well?!


    10 Jun 2005, 19:16

  7. I hope that doesn't include performers, otherwise I shall feel compelled to lodge a protest on behalf of all baritones who like doing gigs commando…

    10 Jun 2005, 19:44

  8. Does this mean you'll be checking everyone, Sarah?

    Even techies?

    10 Jun 2005, 21:45

  9. I believe it is the public interest to do so, yes! Particularly you techies – can't be trusted!

    11 Jun 2005, 20:38

  10. :)

    11 Jun 2005, 21:28

  11. I'm trying to think of something witty about pants….

    But I can't – how on earth did a heartfelt blog entry degenerate into a comments conversation about checking techies' underwear???

    I give up ;)

    12 Jun 2005, 22:05

  12. I know. It's really pants.

    13 Jun 2005, 19:47

  13. So, i am expecting to be checked out by sarah on monday!


    14 Jun 2005, 01:17

  14. Lucy Griffiths

    I'd buy your pants Jerzy.

    15 Jun 2005, 09:53

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